Review/Swatchfest # 1 Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow

Review/Swatchfest # 1

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow

4.0gm, RRP: $11.95 (Priceline)

For my first post, I thought I would review one of the few things i actually have the entire collection of (or at least, what is available in Australia) .

I purchased most of these at Priceline, but you can also pick these up from Coles (which is where i got my very first one), Woolworths, Kmart/Target/Big W etc, and they are almost always on special.

Maybelline says: “Dare to wear 24HR shadow.  

• Ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting colour saturation   

• Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps colour vibrant

• Ophthalmologist-tested.  Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers”

Best way to apply these is to just get in there with your finger (Maybelline actually recommends you do this!), however, if you prefer to use a brush make sure that it is a synthetic one. The oils from the cream eye shadows can destroy the bristles on natural brushes. Plus natural ones just don’t seem to pick up enough product.

So before we get into the swatches, just need to mention that all the products were purchased by myself, and all opinions expressed are my own.

Also, I must mention that not all of these are the same age. Some may be a little older and that may affect how well they behave.

Colour tattoo collection

Colour tattoo collection

Colours (in alphabetical order):

  • Audacious Asphalt

  • Bad to the Bronze

  • Bold Gold

  • Edgy Emerald

  • Fierce and Tangy

  • Painted Purple

  • Pomegranate Punk

  • Tenacious Teal

  • Too Cool

  • Tough as Taupe

Audacious Asphalt – swatch

Audacious Asphalt

Audacious Asphalt

Colour: Audacious Asphalt (15)

Description of colour: Silver Grey

Review/thoughts: Colour is better when you don’t use lots of it. It can be chunky and clumpy if you over do it. This is leaning more towards an afternoon/evening look. This was my very first one and as such may be drying out a little bit (just something to think about).

Bad to the Bronze - swatch

Bad to the Bronze – swatch

Bad to the Bronze

Bad to the Bronze

Colour: Bad to the bronze (25)

Description of colour: Soft shimmery bronze with a hint of gold

Review/thoughts: This is a gorgeous colour. I actually wore it work without meaning to (i meant to grab the taupe, but i’m glad i got this). The pigmentation is just perfect, it glides on effortlessly and stays put through most of the day. You can blend this out so easily with just your fingers. This could be an evening look but it certainly spiced up my usual work look. Definitely one of my favourite “neutral” tones.

Bold Gold - swatch

Bold Gold – swatch

Bold Gold

Bold Gold

Colour: Bold Gold (45)

Description of colour: medium toned metallic gold

Review/thoughts: This is an amazingly pigmented gold. The formulation is perfect. If you apply a little it gives your lids a very nice shimmery layer, and you can build to a more solid look. It also works well as a cream eyeliner (gold eyeliner looks amazing layered with black). This is a great evening colour.

Edgy Emerald - swatch

Edgy Emerald – swatch

Edgy Emerald

Edgy Emerald

Colour: Edgy Emerald

Description of colour: teal-emerald

Review/thoughts: Emerald is apparently “THE” colour for 2013, so this colour is great for people who follow those sorts of trends. It is a metallic look without too much shimmer. Again, great pigmentation. It is perfect as a colour base for powder shadows. If you are adventurous, you could get away with wearing this colour during the day.

Fierce and Tangy - swatch

Fierce and Tangy – swatch

Fierce and Tangy

Fierce and Tangy

Colour: Fierce and Tangy (10)

Description of colour: peachy-apricot

Review/thoughts: This is one of the more unusual colours – definitely a spring/summer colour as it is bright and cheerful. It’s not exactly metallic, but it has a subtle shimmery undertone to it. This is another one that would be good as a base colour The pigmentation is great, as a little goes a long way with this colour.

Painted Purple - swatch

Painted Purple – swatch

Painted Purple

Painted Purple

Colour:Painted purple ( 20)

Description of colour: Metallic purple

Review/thoughts: This is a great metallic purple. My one is getting a little old, so it is drying out a tiny bit, but even still, this pigmentation is awesome. There is little shimmer to it, making it perfect as a base for other purples. Its a little light for a “winter” colour, but if you layer it with other shades it would work.

Pomegranate Punk - swatch

Pomegranate Punk – swatch

Pomegranate Punk

Pomegranate Punk

Colour: Pomegranate Punk (30)

Description of colour: Burnt cranberry

Review/thoughts: This colour is this best of both worlds; its metallic, but also seems to have a nice shimmery undertone. It’s perfect for people who want to have a red look, but are a bit scared to jump straight into the bold red shadows. This is one of my earliest purchases, but it is still in excellent condition. This is definitely a wintery shade, as it reminds me of mulled wine (not sure why, I’m Australian and thats not really an Australian thing!).

Tenacious Teal - swatch

Tenacious Teal – swatch

Tenacious Teal

Tenacious Teal

Colour: Tenacious Teal (40)

Description of colour: Bright teal

Review/thoughts: This colour falls into the same category as the Pomegranate Punk – Metallic yet shimmery. It is a GORGEOUS colour, that i would frequently wear Sunday nights while watching Doctor Who – although its not quite “TARDIS” blue, its pretty close (yes, I am a geek!). It’s another summery colour, but feel free to wear it in winter to brighten up your day.

Too Cool - swatch

Too Cool – swatch

Too Cool

Too Cool

Colour: Too Cool (05)

Description of colour: Metallic White.

Review/thoughts: Yay another member of the metallic/shimmery family. I haven’t found much of a use for this colour. I’m undecided as to whether it works best as a highlight, a base for other shimmery whites, or just as a pretty swatch on my hand. If you apply this very lightly you can just get the shimmery-ness over your lids, or build it up to a nice, solid metallic white. If it was slightly darker it could be a silver. Its a multi-purpose shade, to use as you wish.

Tough as Taupe - swatch

Tough as Taupe – swatch

Tough as Taupe

Tough as Taupe

Colour: Tough as Taupe (35)

Description of colour: warm greyish brown.

Review/thoughts: This is definitely one of the more matte colours. I did notice some shimmer when i was in the sun, but other than that it looks mostly matte. It glides on almost as easily as the others, although i did notice maybe a little bit more resistance.

My first thought when i was looking at this and putting it on was that it reminded me a clay mask – just in terms of colour. While its not one of my favourites its still a nice neutral colour, great for wearing to work.

Overall thoughts?

The colour selection for this range is excellent (although I have seen other colours available overseas), the pigmentation is superb, and there is a colour for almost every occasion. If there is one criticism, it’s the way that Audacious Asphalt and Painted Purple are performing after all this time. It may have just been the batches that I got though.

If you must go out and buy one (or three) colours, i would suggest Bold Gold, Tenacious Teal and Pomegranate Punk.


3 thoughts on “Review/Swatchfest # 1 Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow

  1. rosebisque says:

    Great review! I’ve been meaning to pick up a couple of these shades for a while now, but have just never gotten round to it. I’m tempted to go for Bad to the Bronze and Tenacious Teal. I, too, have seen more shades available overseas than what we have here in Aus, and hoping that we’ll be getting them in the next few months!

    Rosie xx

    • gothicbeeza says:

      Thanks for the comment Rosie!

      I actually saw a really awesome dark metallic blue one on Pinterest – I even had a lady offer to send me one.
      I really hope they expand their collection as well. As much as I love the colours I have, it would be nice to get a few different ones.

      Also, Bad to the Bronze never comes out of my handbag now – its my go-to colour for work!

      Hope you stick around for more posts!


      • rosebisque says:

        Not a problem 🙂 Ohh I’d love a darker blue! I recall seeing a pretty baby pink one and if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I am a sucker for champagne eye colours :O ❤
        I think you may have convinced me…definitely going to try these out. And yes, will do 🙂

        Rosie xx

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