Review/Swatchfes#2 SugarPill pressed eyeshadow palettes


SugarPill pressed eyeshadow palettes

4.0gm x 4, RRP $39.00 (Beserk Clothing)

Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow palettes

Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow palettes

 I first discovered Sugar Pill via Cora at Vintage or Tacky. After watching her create all these awesome looks with such amazing products, i knew i had to get some. Luckily for me, there is one stockist in Australia!

Sugar Pill are 100% cruelty free and most of their eyeshadows are also Vegan (i’ll mark which ones are specifically, just to be on the safe side)

Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow palettes

Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow palettes – back view

These palettes are part of SugarPills Addicted to Pretty collection. They feature 4 full size pressed eyeshadows, and a fairly decent sized mirror, with the names of the colours printed on the back.

Most of the colours come individually (for around $12.00 each), but it made sense to buy these awesome palettes, as 2 of them came with a colour that wasn’t available on its own (at least not at my supplier).Now I finally have the whole collection (Ok i’m missing bulletproof, which is a matte black – the day I finally get that one will be a glorious day indeed).

I’ve swatched each palette individually, with no primer or flash.

Burning Heart - package

Burning Heart – package

  • Burning Heart
    • Flamepoint: Vibrant Matte orange

    • Buttercupcake (V): Bright matte yellow

    • Love+: Bright red

    • Poison Plum: Dramatic purple with semi pearly sheen.

      Burning Heart

      Burning Heart

All these colours fit perfectly with the “burning heart” name. You can use all these colours to make a very fiery look. The colours are super pigmented, and are all mostly matte – poison plum does have a slight sheen. I mostly got this palette as i really wanted Love+ for my black and red looks. Now that we are in winter, I seem to be going through a purple faze (I had red hair for a very long time and now I have purple, so I am obssessed with purple makeup). Poison Plum is a really great purple, it blends well and I love using it to make layered purple looks.

Buttercake and Flamepoint are ones I wouldn’t use very often, but maybe come summer I’ll make some great looks with it.

It is worth noting, that this is the least vegan of all the palettes, but it is still cruelty free.

Burning Heart - swatch

Burning Heart – swatch

Sweet Heart - package

Sweet Heart – package

  • Swee Heart

    • Dollipop: Vibrant, matte hot pink.

    • Afterparty (V): Bright turquoise with semi-pearly sheen

    • Midori (V): Vibrant green with semi-pearly sheen.

    • Tako (V): Matte white.

      Sweet Heart

      Sweet Heart

If you can get past the intensity of Dollipop, this makes for a fairly versatile palette.  Dollipop goes great with a matte black for a punk/cyber-goth look, as it is very vibrant. If you use a white base, such as NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk, or even NYXs eyeprimer in white, it makes it pop even more.

Midori and Afterparty are easier colours to deal with, and even blend together quite well. They both have a beautiful sheen to them, almost metallic.

Tako is a bit sheer on its own, but definately counts as a matte. If you put this over Milk, it becomes a very solid matte white. It also works great as a highlighter.

Sweet Heart  - swatch

Sweet Heart – swatch

Heart Breaker - package

Heart Breaker – package

  • Heartbreaker

    • Acidberry (V): Matte green with slight purple sheen

    • Velocity(V): Vibrant matte royal blue

    • 2am: Matte purple with semi-pearly sheen

    • Mochi:(V) Shimmery Teal blue

Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker

I think I love every single colour in this palette. It is certianly the easiest to use if you want to create a look with every single colour. Acidberry has a beautiful sheen to it, so it can either be a beautiful subtle colour, or you can build it to a really intense green. Velocity can only be described as a “Royal Blue”. It is completely matte but at the same time, in the right light, it can almost look metallic. It is a super pigmented colour, and can be a little intimidating at first, but use it right and it can be your best friend. 2am is a slighly sheeny matte purple, that is almost on the pink side. It is great to use as a transitional colour for your purple looks, as it blends out really well.

Mochi is the standout of this palette. It is another one that can start out light and be intensified, but it is not matte at all! It is an amazing teal blue that for some reason reminds me of Ariel from the Little Mermaid (or even just mermaids in general). This is a colour best saved for spring/summer.

Heart Breaker - swatch

Heart Breaker – swatch

Overall Thoughts?

At $9.75 per colour (as opposed to $12 individually), any of these palettes is worth its weight in gold. For a starter, I would recommend Heartbreaker as it has the most colours that are easily accessible (also, for some reason my package came with a different back to the other 2).

So which is your favourite? or which one is one your wishlist? Leave a comment below


4 thoughts on “Review/Swatchfes#2 SugarPill pressed eyeshadow palettes

  1. rosebisque says:

    A fellow Sugarpill lover! I have two of these palettes, in Heartbreaker and Burning Heart – aren’t they amazing?! I also have Tako individually which is my go-to inner corner highlight shade, love it. I particularly love Mochi and 2am, Sugarpill makes it so much easier to add some colour to your look, don’t they? 🙂

    Rosie xx

    • gothicbeeza says:

      depending on the intensity of the look, i sometimes use Tako as my eyebrow highlight – although i must try it out in the corner, maybe with a little Lumi on top? I love using Lumi in my inner corner!

      • rosebisque says:

        Yes me too, especially if I’m rocking some bold brows – it really helps to sculpt the bottom of them 🙂 And I’m yet to try any of Sugarpill’s loose shadows, but Lumi is on my list and would look amazing on top! I like putting Mac Reflects glitter over Tako too for some glittery dimension. Hmm, glitter…

        Rosie xx

      • gothicbeeza says:

        ah i must hurry up and do my SugarPill loose shadows review then – I dont have all the colours yet but I have enough to get started 🙂

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