Review/Swatchfest # 4 – NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection

Review/Swatchfest #4

NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection

“Inspired by the movie Dark Shadows”.

$34.95RRP, Crush Cosmetics

(This one is pretty pic heavy guys – sorry if I break your computers!)


The minute I saw this palette I KNEW I had to have it. Not only did I love the movie (I don’t think there is a Tim Burton movie I haven’t at least enjoyed), but the packaging is awesome.

I have considered depotting everything into a Z palette, but I haven’t had the heart to damage the oh so pretty packaging.


Here is a description from the Crush Cosmetics site:’

“Captivate and mesmerize with your beauty using the Crimson Amulet collection. This palette inspired by the film “Dark Shadows” comprises of 24 matte and shimmery lush eye shadows, 5 intoxicating blushers, 1 luminous highlighter, 4 succulent lip colors, 1 HD Studio eye shadow base for a more intense eye shadow hue, and 1 extreme black liquid eye liner. Recreate the enticing female characters’ in Dark Shadows using the collection!”

The packaging is almost like a book – with I guess 4 “pages”. On page one you have the 24 shadows, split into 2 lots of twelve, with some crappy applicators that I am sometimes forced to use.


The top twelve colours seem to be the bolder of the bunch, with some purples, blues and greens.


Top row (L-R)

Matte dark grey, Shimmery dusty pink, Shimmery purple with gold flecks, Shimmery Golden (almost dark peach) orange.

row 1

2nd Row (L-R)

Shimmery Lilac, Matte Olive green, Shimmery Pinky-gold, Shimmery blackened blue

Row 2

3rd Row (L-R)

Shimmery Royal blue, Shimmery forrest green, Shimmery burnt gold, Shimmery cranberry.

Row 3

The bottom twelve seem to be your more neutral colours, with browns, pinks and whites. I’m not happy with the way that the first two rows of this set swatched, they aren’t very pigmented and are honestly a little chalky. The last row of this set were much better.


4th Row (L-R)

Matte cream, Matte taupe, Matte warm brown, shimmery white

Row 4

5th Row (L-R)

Shimmery warm brown, matte warm brown, matte baby pink, matte warm black.

Row 5

6th Row (L-R)

Shimmery dark pink, Shimmery brown-pink, Shimmery bronze, shimmery yellow.

Row 6

The centre page has a reasonable sized mirror, and when you turn over, has a bit of a description of the leading ladies from the movie. It doesn’t have exact instructions on how to create their looks, but they hint at the sort of colour combinations that you need.



The final “page” includes a mini tube of their high definition shadow base, a mini eyeliner, 5 blushes (4 half sized, one full), a highlighter, and 4 lipstick/glosses.



Let me just say that I fell in love with this shadow base – in fact, at time of writing this, I think my tube is empty. I would be happy to pay the $13 or so to get a full sized one if it performs as well as this. Everytime I have used this base, along with one of the colours from the collection, it has lasted all day! I’m not sure whether it is just the base that is amazing or just the general quality of NYX eyeshadows, but I am sold!



The eyeline is a little finicky, but it is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. There is clearly a trick to using this thing. It definitely qualifies as a “liquid” eyeliner, as you need to let it dry for a few seconds if you have made the line a bit thicker (thinner lines seem to be ok). It also dries matte which is unusual for most liquid eyeliners.


Eyeliner swatch




Blushes (top to bottom)

– Matte medium pink

-Matte deep pinkish red

Top blushes

– Shimmery peachy pink

– Shimmery medium pink (flamingo? pink) I had no idea how to describe this colour (other than pink), so i went googling and a lot of other beauty bloggers have called this one “Flamingo”. I can sort of see that now i guess…

Bottom blushes

– Shimmery Medium Peach. Note: apparently a bronzer!

– Highlighter – this is such an amazing colour. It might be a little on the sparkly side, but I went a little heavy with my swatches.

Hilight and Bronzer


Lip colours (L-R)

– Deep pinkish red

– Pale dusty pink

– Super bright pink (apparently)

– Nude/brown

I was pretty disappointed with the lip glosses, Apart from the first one, they were all a bit wishy washy – and rather sticky as well. You can see in the picture how difficult it is to discern between the 3. It might look a little better on your lips, but the formulation isn’t that great anyway.


This is limited edition, and seems to go in and out of stock regularly at Crush, but you might be able to find it through other sources (ebay, NYX directly perhaps?).

Overall thoughts?

It’s a bit hard to value each of this items, but it works out to be roughly less than a dollar per individual thing in the palette, even if you hated half of the items in it, it is still amazing value.

I keep this palette in my car (naughty B!), so that I have makeup on hand whenever I need.

Next time this comes back into stock, I would recommend buying it!

So guys, what’s your favourite Tim Burton movie?


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