Review # 6 – Garnier Hair Colour “Olia”

Review # 6 – Garnier Hair Colour “Olia” in 3.16 Deep Violet

RRP $16.95, Priceline

Olia” is Garniers new range of hair colour. It is described as the 1st home hair colour powered by oil, not ammonia.

Garniers Australian wesbite goes on to describe it as “Maximum colour performance, visible improvement of hair quality and a new experience for the senses”.

There are 5 blonde shades, 7 brown shades, 3 black shades, 2 red shades and an awesome dark purple – which is the colour I am reviewing today

My current colour of choice is Deep Violet, which i figure is somewhere between the black and red I have been previously. Its so hard to find a good violet! All the colours I have had previously have leant more towards a “berry” colour, So i was hoping this would be on the other end of the spectrum – more “plum” I guess.

The last dye I used, the roots were showing within a week ( I won’t mention names, just that it sucked and I won’t be repurchasing), so I decided to try a new brand.

Olia claims to be a non drip formula, with a faint floral smell. Here’s what I think about that:

* Non – drip – actually yes! I got to experience both applying this to  someone else (hubbys hair needed doing as well), and being on the receiving end and I can tell you there were no drips! Which is great when you are just sitting around, waiting for it to be time to wash the stuff out.

* Floral smell – I’m not sure it counts as floral, but it certainly didn’t smell as awful as some of the ones I have used.

Here are the contents of the packaging:

Applicator Bottle

Applicator Bottle

The applicator bottle has been designed in such a way that you squeeze out how much you need, and it comes out of a very small hole at the top – which minimizes mess.

I also found that I didn’t need to use the whole bottle – that may be because I have mid-ish length hair now and not the long hair that used to need 2 bottles! Even with my hair as thick as it is, the one bottle was more than enough.

Developer Cream

Developer Cream

Colour Cream

Colour Cream



The conditioner isn’t the best I’ve ever used, but it is by far not the worst either! 2 days after I coloured my hair, and without washing it, my hair is feeling a little…straw-y for lack of a better word.. Usually my hair feels like this if i haven’t washed it in a week, not two days. So thats a little disappointing. I guess i should have realised that something was wrong when my hair didn’t go as fluffy as it usually does after I have dyed it. Just kind of stayed, well, flat.

Here are some before and after pictures (i’ve tried to take them in natural light so you can see the colour clearly).

Before - with my awful regrowth (yes, Im a natural ginger)

Before – with my awful regrowth (yes, Im a natural ginger)

Before - my main colour

Before – my main colour





After shots - in my office!

After shots – in my office!

Ok so it started raining here so i couldn’t get a good “natural light” shot, so heres one from my office – I have no idea whats going on at the back of my hair there (looks more berry than purple!).

So here’s my observations:

– Colour  – Nice and plummy. At first I thought it was a little dark, but you can clearly tell its purple which is all that matters.

– Formulation – Love it, would consider repurchasing just for that.

– Price – I would consider this mid-range for home colours

Overall, its a pretty nice purple (and honestly, if i wanted an in-your-face purple, I would look at maybe Manic Panic or Special Effects), and pretty user friendly. The conditioner might need a little bit of work, but I have my own shampoo and conditioner that I prefer anyway. So yes, I think I will buy this again.

Available from Priceline, Target and most supermarkets.


3 thoughts on “Review # 6 – Garnier Hair Colour “Olia”

  1. Jazz says:

    Wicked post b 🙂

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