Review/Swatchfest # 7 SugarPill Chromalust Loose Pigment Collection, Part 1

Review/Swatchfest # 7

SugarPill Chromalust Loose Pigment Collection, Part 1

4.0gms each

$12.95 individually, $29 for each Trio Collection

Beserk Clothing

We are finally back to the “alt” makeup! Today I’m going to be reviewing 6 of the SugarPill loose eyeshadow pigments that are currently available in Australia – there are 18 in total, so I’m going to be breaking this down into 3 parts over 3 weeks, so you don’t get overloaded at once!

The great thing about the ones that I am reviewing today, is they are available as Trios – which is great because you get 3 full sized products, bundled together in a cute collection at a discounted price!

First Trio: Reckless


I would describe this collection as colours that are soooo not safe, and it takes a bit of a rebel to pull them off.These are the first sugarpill products I ever got! So I’m so happy to share these with you.



Vivid lime green with yellow undertones. My swatch has come out a little weak, but it shows you that you can have this light, and then build it up in intensity. Its perfect with Sugarpills Acidberry pressed eyeshadow for creating a “cyberpunk” look.




Vibrant metallic turquoise with intense sheen. Again, slightly weak swatch, but when this goes on the eyes it looks AMAZING! I actually like pairing this with the Maybelline colour tattoo Tenacious Teal – just to up the shimmery factor! I think this is also one that would great wet – kind of a “mermaid” look?




Jet black with rainbow diamond sparkles. Can we just sit back and appreciate this colour for a sec? I love the blackness mixed in with that diamond sparkles – i’m drooling and squeeing all at the same time (not a pretty site). This can be a little tricky to use, especially with the fallout. My one tip if you want to use this is to not put on foundation first – that way you can use makeup remover to properly get rid of the fallout and not mess up your makeup.


Second Trio: Zillionare


This collection is full of very “luxe” shades. These would be great for a special occasion or a night on the town – or maybe just when you want to feel a zillion dollars!



Metallic Gold. This just screams “luxe”. This can be swept lightly across the eyes or packed on for an amazing look. It looks especially awesome if you use it with a slightly damp makeup brush or use Macs Fix+ (I WISH I owned that, but its a teensy bit pricey for me).






Forrest green with bursts of diamonds. I really need to find a look for this, because its such a gorgeous colour. Again, it feels and looks so luxurious.




Metallic purple with turquoise sparkles and flashes of green. This is a great purple, and I love that it not only flashes turquoise (most of them do), but it also flashes green, which is a bit of a contrast. My swatch has come across slightly pink – but i think this is another colour that is great for building.


So that’s the end of part one. Getting one of the trios is a great way to start your collection – even if you aren’t sure about one of the colours in the trio, I still recommend getting them!  Look out for parts 2 and 3 in the coming weeks.

Do you have any of the loose pigments? Which one is your favourite? Comment below!


7 thoughts on “Review/Swatchfest # 7 SugarPill Chromalust Loose Pigment Collection, Part 1

  1. kourtmariexo says:

    Oh my gosh love those colors !

  2. if you like these you should check out the cosmetics “Medusa” they have some INCREDIBLE pigments!

    • gothicbeeza says:

      I have got 2 of their pigments (its a pink and a purple – can’t remember their names right now) and I would love to get some more!
      Thanks for you comment 🙂

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  4. […] is the final post in my SugarPill loose pigment collection, if you want to read parts one and two, you can find them […]

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