Beauty Box Review – July 2013

Beauty Box Review – July 2013

$15 per month


I FINALLY received this months Bella Box earlier this week, after all my Eastern States babes had received theirs, but I shall soldier on and review it anyway!

This months theme is “luxe beauty travel”, and was sponsered by Luxe City Guides. I got an email asking to pick which box I would like – from shopping, resort or tourist. And of course I picked shopping 🙂

I loved the fact that when I opened this months box, the wrapping paper was black (yes, little things I know!). Also, the card that they always include with a bit of a description is most helpful.

Heres the goodies I recieved.

Luxury City Guide – “Paris”



“Sometime there’s so much to discover about a place, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Leave it to LUXE City Guides to give you a jumping off point. They are travel friendly, sexy, sassy, and a joy to read”.

This was clearly just included because of the sponsors. So far I haven’t found anyone who said they would actually use this, it’s kind of a novelty.

Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Total Nourishing Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Full size $5.99/200ml x 2 – received 50ml x 2$ 1.49 per bottle


“The perfect travel size, keep your strands silky and strong thanks to the nourishing properties of vitamins B5, C and E, sunflower, almond, soybean and coconut oils in theis due, to keep your scalp healthy and soothed”


Luckily the day i received this, my hair was in terrible condition. So, I was happy to try this straight away. These came in some adorable promotional packaging, although it is quite bulky. The bottles themselves are adorable.

After using these, my hair was crazy fluffy (not saying its a bad thing, clearly it works). I just conditioned my hair the following day, and then the day after that my hair was really greasy! So I’m on the fence about this one. I think I would like to try this in the coloured formulation (as this one appeared to strip my colour!).

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

Full size $34.95/70g – Sample 3g ~$6


“For over 50 years this cream has held a top sales spot in Japan, absorbing instantly to heal dry skin anywhere on your body. It’s the perfect year round remedy”.

My test for any moisturizer is if it can fix my elbows – resting them all day on a table dries them out like crazy! However, as this is a multi-purpose moisturiser, it immediately went on my lips. One of the ingredients in this is beeswax – in fact I think its the main ingredient, which would explain why it looks like this:


Everyone seems to be raving about this! I’m somewhat on the fence, I tried it on my face and it wasn’t too bad – maybe I used a little much because my face felt a little greasy the next day. However, as soon as I put my face powder on it was fine.

I did try this on the back one of my hands, and I noticed an improvement. So still on the fence about buying it, but it at least appears to work.

Gatineau Seronite Cleansing Milk

Full Size $28/200ml – Sample Size 50ml/$7


“Get paparazzi-snap-worthy skin next time you depart the plane on your getaway”.

Apart from making me think about that “Getaway” song from Arrested Development (come on, you all know it), the description tells me very little about the product. Reading from the bottle, it appears to be a “soothing, makeup remover”. I have a 3-in-1 I prefer to use, but lets give it a shot.

I decided to try this on as heavy makeup as I could (and I have some new makeup brushes I wanted to try out anyway) to see if it could handle it.  It seems to work well, but again, i prefer my own 3 in 1.

LA Fresh Eco-Beauty Wipes – Oil Free Face Cleanser

$16.95/18-20 sachets per box – 1 sachet/85c


“The last thing you want when travelling is a toiletry bag filled with bulky beauty items. Enter LA fresh, with a variety of single use wipes, from eye makeup, to nail polish removers”.

This is such a brilliant idea! While I only received one (and it’s going straight in my handbag for emergencies), I’m pretty sure I would buy a box or three of these.

Egyptian Magic All purpose skin cream.

Full size $49/118ml – Sample size 3ml/$1.25


“A list of Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream users reads like a who’s who in Hollywood! Madonna, Emily Blunt, and January Jones (just to name a few) have all been know to keep this cream by their side.”

This had better be miracle cream seeing as the sample size is so teeny tiny.

The main ingredient in this is Olive Oil (in fact the ingredients list is quite small and all natural). You need to rub the cream between your fingers until it becomes like oil, and then rub it all over your body. It’s not too bad, but a little pricey for me. I’m not ruling it out completely though.

Libra Hotties Heat Patch

Full size 2 per pack $4.99 – Sample size 1 patch $2.50


“Not just for cramps, these amazing patches warm up to 50 degrees for 8 hours. Period pain, sore neck or back, or even feeling chilly mid flight? Hotties can help”.

Ok this is another brilliant thing – it sucks all the stuff I really want to save is single use only – but I will try this out for you, my Beauty Babes! If this works, I will be buying SOOOOOOOO many of these.

ModelCo Cheek+Lips – Cheek and Lip tint in Rosy Red

Full size 10ml $24 – Sample Size 5ml $12


“Get the perfect ‘natural’ and healthy glow, without taking two weeks annual leave to achieve it. This red tinted colour is as equally perfect on your cheeks as it is on your lips”.

Finally some cosmetics! While its nice to get so much skin care (and hair care), I love getting a little something new to pop in the beauty draws – although seeing as this is dual purpose I’m not sure where I would put this.

All my enthusiasm for this product went out the door when I realised how stain-y it is! I think you need to treat this like lip tars, you apparently only need a tiny amount, otherwise it ends up looking like a hot mess:


This still isn’t something I think I would use. I’m not sure I even have a friend who would use this (maybe my sister? here). So this is going to the side until I change my mind about it.

Box value: $45.57

Would buy full size: Libra Hotties Heat Patch, LA Fresh Eco-Beauty Wipes

On the fence: Egyptian Magic All purpose skin cream, Gatineau Seronite Cleansing Milk, Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Total Nourishing Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Would not buy full size: Luxury City Guide – “Paris”, ModelCo Cheek+Lips – Cheek and Lip tint in Rosy Red

I felt this months box was very skin care heavy. There was only one or two things I would seriously consider purchasing. Overall the value of the box was still pretty great – I might find uses for my samples. I did notice that this month the only full size thing we received was the booklet!

Do any of you guys subscribe to Bella Box? What did you think of this months selection?


3 thoughts on “Beauty Box Review – July 2013

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    Great box review!

    – KW

  2. I’m seriously considering unsubbing from Bellabox! Although I have issues with letting go hahaha so I’m not sure yet!
    I was so so with this box but more on the positive side!

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