Review/Swatchfest #9 – Maybelline Colour Tattoo Metal range

Review/Swathfest # 9

Maybelline Colour Tattoo – Metal Range

4.0g, $11.95 each


When I saw that we were finally getting this range in Australia I literally squealed with delight! I had seen some of these around on Pinterest, so I knew I had to get them for you guys!


This particular range features 4 colours: Barely Branded, Silver strike, Inked in Pink and Electric Blue. There is also apparently a gold one (gold rush) but I can’t seem to find it here! (feel free to send it to me though!)

I mentioned all this in my previous post about the main range, but here is a little description from Pricelines website (as I couldn’t find anything specific to this range on Maybellines website):

Our 24-hour long lasting formula lets you luxe up your lids with super saturated cream-gel shadows in shimmering royal metallics. It’s metallic intensity with tattoo tenacity. Dare to get inked!

So here are the swatches:

Barely Branded (70):


Creamy champagne, purely metallic.


This is a beautiful colour for a base, or you can wear it as is for a nice nude look. In the jar it does look like it would lean more towards the apricot side, but it is a little cooler (in tone that is) than that.

I have worn this to work a couple of times and I have noticed that it does crease a lot more than I expected it to – so i would recommend using a primer under this, or just use it as a base.

Electric Blue (75):


Navy Blue with very fine shimmer


For some reason this was the most difficult colour to get! I guess the appeal is that it is so different to a lot of the other colours.

My swatch is a little on the sheer side – this is definitely something that could be built up, but I worry that it wouldn’t perform as well the heavier it got.

This would work best probably as a base to other blue powder shadows.

Inked in Pink (55):


Baby pink with a hint of frosting, small amount of shimmer.


Again, feels quite creamy. It did take a couple of layers to build up the intensity, so not quite as pigmented as some of the others. This would be a great base for SugarPills Birthday Girl . Also, it does look darker in the jar than the swatch would imply.

I did decide to wear this to work one day it it does blend out really nicely. If i was more of a pink girl I would probably wear this all the time, blended out with some nice neutral tones.

Silver strike (60):


Light shimmery grey


I can see how there might be comparisons between this and audacious asphalt – this is a much lighter shade of grey – more defined as a silver. This also took a couple of layers to build up the swatch, but once it had it looked amazing! This looks like it has the most shimmer of the collection so far. I’ve noticed that in certain lighting, this looks almost like a blue – I’m sure there’s a way to exploit this using blue shadows!

Overall I found most of these colours leaned more towards the “frosty” side (apart from Electric Blue) – but that might be good for some people!  I must also note how stupidly hard these were to get! I know they aren’t limited edition, but the only place I could get them was Priceline, and they kept selling out of Electric Blue! So this is going to be really popular for a while. If you absolutely need them like RIGHT NOW, maybe try the priceline website, otherwise I would wait a couple more weeks until the hype dies down (if it does that is), and then head in and pick them up at your leisure.

P.S – The winners of my giveaway have now been drawn – thanks to everyone who entered. I might do an international one later in the year 🙂


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