50 Facts about B!

Yes, this is another “filler post” – this time my hubby has just had to have emergency surgery on his wisdom teeth, so I haven’t had a chance to write up a proper post like I planned, so I have this for you! enjoy!


Hey Beauty Babes! This is another tag from Rosie that I thought I might do. Some of the facts are beauty related, some not – So I hope you enjoy!


1. My birth name is Bernice Roma , and  my initials for 22 years of my life spelt “BRA” (i’m convinced my mother was on drugs when she named me).

2. I was born in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

3. I am the eldest of 4 siblings – I have 2 sisters and 1 half brother.

4. My favourite movie of all time is The Lion King

5. The first time i dyed my hair I was 14 and it was supposed to be just blonde highlights in my natural ginger hair, but the highlights ended up too thick and it looked like I was mostly blonde.

6. I have been to 11 different schools

  1.  North Kalgoorlie Primary School
  2. South Kalgoorlie Primary School
  3. Nulsen Primary School
  4. Norseman District High School
  5. Busselton Primary School
  6. Geographe Bay Primary School
  7. Beverley District High School
  8. West Northam Primary School
  9. Northam Senior High School
  10. Kelmscott Senior High School
  11. Armadale central TAFE (i’m counting this as I attending when I was 16).

7. I have a partial degree in Hospitality.

8. I didnt learn how to do eyeliner on my upper lash line until i was around 17 or 18.

9. I met my husband when I was 18, and we dated for 4 years before we got married.

10. I got married on Halloween because we are goths.

11. And so he couldn’t forget the date.

12. AND because it was a Wednesday so everything was cheaper!

13. I’m addicted to Minecraft.

14. I’m a mum to two furbabys – Dougall, our Rex rabbit and Manny, our dwarf rabbit.

15. I am a classically trained singer, and at my last lesson we discovered I am two notes short of a 3 octave range (apparently its quite impressive).

16. I’m also a pretty decent actor (or so I have been told).

17. I’m double jointed.

18. Mint gives me killer migraines

19. I can touch my tongue to my nose (go on, try it!)

19.  I have had 2 body piercings but they have both closed up.

20. I have two tattoos – a rose on my back that is actually part of a partially finished piece, and a treble clef/music staff design on my left wrist (Let me know if you wanna see pics).

21. The tattoo on my wrist is the reason i never do swatches on my arm.

22. I have been told I have really pretty eyes – they are hazely-gold I think.

23. I was in an 18 month long distance relationship in high school.

24. My first job was working at Woolworths as a check out chick/deli assistant/produce assistant/department whore.

25.  I consider myself a bit of a Whovian, but sadly i havent seen all of the classic season yet (trying to rectify that before the anniversary).

26.  My only international travel so far has been to New Zealand, and that was on an awesome school trip for a “music tour”.

27.  I read A LOT! we just had to get 3 new book shelves because ours are full!

28. I’m also a bit of a hoarder.

29.  I only have an automatic license because I desperately needed my license and it was easier. Also, i drive into the city everyday for my job and driving a manual car through peak-hour is a really stupid idea.

30. My Favourite musical is Love Never Dies – which is a sequel to Phantom of the Opera.

31. My earliest celeb crush that I can remember was Leonardo Di Caprio

32. I used to want to open up a gothic nightclub with one of my best friends Jazz called “Nytewhore”.

33. I was born on the 16th February, but I was due on the 14th.

34. Also, I was nearly born in a swimming pool – and not deliberately!

35.  I have never been a girly-girl. As a teenager I hated pink.

36.  I invented a cocktail called “Sex on speed” – its similar to a sex on the beach, but instead of lemonade i use red bull.

37. I’m afraid of the ocean – One Christmas we went to cottesloe beach, and my mum got caught in a rip and I was the one who got her out. ever since then I have been so afraid of the ocean.

38. The only movie that has truly scared me was Jaws,

39. Because my husband is British (and because my Mum was really into the BBC channel on Foxtel when i was younger), I am really into old British comedies.

40.  I used to only be able to drink one type of wine (moscato), but now I’m totally into all sorts of wine – still only white though.

41.  I have only ever had to spend one night in hospital, and that was because I had viral meningitis – two days after i got back from my honeymoon!

42.  I won gold in a ballroom dancing competition when I was 15 for the Cha cha and rumba.

43. Before i hit high school I loved athletics.

44. Most of my collection of books can be described as (by my busband) as ‘fantasy smut’.

45. For ten years i refused to eat red meat – not from a vegetarian point of view, but my mum would always over cook the beef and I hated the taste, so i assumed I hated ALL red meat.

46. The best meal I can cook is slow cooked Lamb Shanks.

47. Even though I moved out 8 years ago, i still live only 10 minutes away from my father (if that).

48.  I started this blog as a way to justify my makeup addiction.

49.  If I won a million dollars, I would pay off our mortgage and buy a massive property and set up a bunny sanctuary (yeah weird, but I love my bunnies).

50. And finally, I’m allergic to dried fruit.


And DONE! I hope this wasn’t too boring for you, and I promise to get a proper post up for you on Wednesday.





One thought on “50 Facts about B!

  1. nataliejo210 says:

    I love this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx you are adorbs

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