Review – Lime Crime Carousel Glosses


Lime Crime Carousel Glosses

3.5g, $19.50


Quick note – You will notice that I didn’t number this review. I decided after Review # 10 that I would stop including the numbers as I could see it getting a little ridiculous! If you guys would prefer I keep with the numbering system let me know, otherwise this is the way I will be doing it from now on 🙂

This is my first Lime Crime review, and I know, I’m a little late to the party! But I decided I need to do more lip item reviews and I happened to have these handy.

The Carousel Glosses (or Glossy Lipstick as described on their website) are described as  “Intense liquid lip colour loaded with pigment and sparkle”.


There are 7 colours in the collection (although Lime Crimes website only mentions 5 now):

Candy Apple, Cherry on Top, Golden Ticket, Hollygram, Loop-de-loop, Present and Snowcicle. Today I will be reviewing Golden Ticket, Loop-de-loop and Present (and of course, the first two are the ones that are no longer on their website!).


The glosses all have a “brush style” applicator. I have previously said it doesn’t work very well with this type of gloss, however I feel like that only applies to one of them.

Golden Ticket



Colour description:  Warm Metallic gold


My thoughts: This is actually a pretty cool colour. It’s one of the more opaque ones, and has an almost caramel undertone to it,

When applied on the lips, It’s almost wearable! It’s not an obnoxious gold, with barely any shimmer – just nice and metallic.





Colour description: Deep sapphire-blue with iridescent sparkle.


My Thoughts: I soooo wanted to like this. I bought this hoping for an awesome Tardis blue. This swatches pretty nicely, with a small amount of sparkle. However, when I applied it to my lips well….not so much.


It was really hard to get an even coating on the lips, which is what this desperately needs. You cant really see the shimmer in the photo, and its kinda on the sheer side. This is the one where I think the applicator might have let it down a little.




Colour description: Magenta with pink sparkle


My Thoughts:  Ok I kinda love this. Yeah its fairly pink but its purple enough for me to be able to get away with wearing it.  The formula isn’t too thick like the others, so it goes on pretty well. Also the  sparkle in it isn’t over done either, which makes it kinda fun. Out of the three, I think this is my favourite..


I may get the other 4 colours and review them later, if so then I will link back to this post 🙂


One thought on “Review – Lime Crime Carousel Glosses

  1. rosebisque says:

    These look so cool! They remind me of OCC Lip Tar shades, so out there and different 🙂 I love the packaging too, I feel like Lime Crime are pretty on point when it comes to their designs. If that’s the pigmentation without any liner/lipstick underneath, that’s pretty darn impressive for a lip gloss!

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