Review – Schwarzkopf’ Ultimate Colour 499 Dark Cherry

Review – Schwarzkopf’ Ultimate Colour 499 Dark Cherry 95.0 ml

RRP $24.99, Priceline

Beauty Babes, I wasn’t going to review this product – honestly I never intended to (hence why I was forced to use a picture from another website ). But over the weekend it became clear to me that I must tell you about this particular hair dye.

Description from Priceline: Schwarzkopf’s 1st permanent multi-usage colour foam. Its extra-rich consistency can be applied without mixing for intense colours, long lasting shine and hair supple to touch.

MY description: It sucks!

I’m sorry, I really am, but hear me out! This product promised to be so much but failed miserably.

I purchased this because I was intrigued by their “multi-usage” claims. I figured that this would probably save me money in the long run, and it would be so easy to do touchups. After using it?  Yes, there was more than enough left over for another application.  I’m not sure if it’s because there is more in the tubes or less wastage in general, but in terms of product amount you certainly get your moneys worth here.


As you can see by the applicator (which is the only picture I ended up getting), it appears to have two chambers, and the mixture mixes together once it hits the air.So now more messing around with poring mixture in to bottles and accidentally dumping in the conditioner instead of the developer (yes, I have done this before!) The process is almost idiot proof. You just shake the applicator 30 times and then you are ready to go – so I guess its technically not mixing!


It was pretty easy to apply on the hair – It was a mousse like most of the newer dyes these days ( I must note here that this is the second time I have been let down by a mousse style hair dye). My hubby liberally applied it for me (as he always does), and I waited the entire development time like a good girl.

Things went decidedly downhill when I went to wash it out. The washing out process was rather quick – I’m not sure whether the colour just ran out all at once or very little washed out at all. Also, once again I had been supplied with a less than thrilling conditioner (more about that later) so my hair was not “supple to the touch”. This was a sin that I could live with.

What I could NOT live with, was the fact that this hair dye had failed to dye my freakin’ hair!

I’m not joking either. All it did was darken the top of my hair ever so slightly. So there goes their “intense colour” claim. It refused to colour my roots. Like at all. You can see in one of my recent look of the day pictures that I still had regrowth in the front. This was within a few days of doing my hair!

I finally managed to fix it – by going back to my previously used hair dye, Garnier’s Olia.

I did review this about a month and a half or so ago (it was one of earlier reviews). My review then probably would have rated Olia at around a 3.5-4/5. Now? I rate it closer to a 5!

The conditioner I received this time around was much better (one of my complaints last time), and I love how nice and purple-y this has turned out (even with the damage the Schwarzkopf has caused).

I soo wanted this to be a good product, I really wanted to like it, but it let me down so much.

Heres a breakdown of the pros and cons, just to clarify my stance.


– Reasonably priced for what it is.

– Is certainly “multi-usage”, as per its claims.

– Easy to work with.


– Did not touch my roots.

– Colour in general was lacking.

– Conditioner was terrible.

– Expensive for what it turned out to be.

So with that, I cannot in good conscience recommend this product. You are free to try it for yourself and see if you get better results, but I will be sticking to my new favourite from now on.

You can read my review for Olia here, and then take into consideration how much I liked it the second time around.

Until next time Beauty Babes!


6 thoughts on “Review – Schwarzkopf’ Ultimate Colour 499 Dark Cherry

  1. rosebisque says:

    Oh that’s such a bummer 😦 I’m always tempted to dye my hair at home but I am so terrified I’ll screw it up (yes, I am ‘that unlucky girl’). If you haven’t thrown it out yet and still have your receipt, try going back to Priceline for a refund, and explain that the product did not meet its claims. From my experience working at two Pricelines, they should give you your money back!

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    I have to agree with you, both my sister and I picked up one of these, I got the black one and she got the dark cherry one and although the actual process of applying was so simple and easy, the color payoff was kinda shit. That was more for her than me, since black isn’t too hard to fuck up, but it promises permanent cover and not even a week later I had heaps of brown patches. It sucks that this product was so disappointing.

    • gothicbeeza says:

      Thanks for the comment!
      I’m not sure how they could screw up hair dye so badly, but I haven’t had any luck with these “mousse” type ones – they don’t seem to penetrate the hair properly!
      I guess from now on I will just stick to Olia, since I know that works and I love the colour so much (and I can pick it up pretty much anywhere).

      • Kaitlyn says:

        I’ve never tried them before, but I’m always on the look out for good hair dyes

      • gothicbeeza says:

        I did do a review on Olia ages ago if you want to have a look. My husband uses the black one, and he loves it! Its one of the few brands that offers a blue-ish black, as normal black is never dark enough for him.

  3. designersc says:

    I totally agree, my roots are still a wish washy colour, very disappointed.

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