Beauty Box Review – Bellabox August 2013

Beauty Box Review

Bellabox – August 2013



Yay it’s Bellabox time again. I do get excited to receive this box (even though I have been having a few customer service issues lately that I won’t go into).

This month’s theme is “Get active” – which I thought was rather serendipitous seeing as August has been the month of trying to get my diet under control and attempting to get healthier. I was hoping some of these products would help me feel pretty while doing it!

Ultraceuticals Ultra CC cream mineral tint SPF 30.

Full size $59/50, Sample size ~$6/5ml


“Providing coverage whilst brightening and protecting skin, this is the CC cream to have with you on the go. Unique B2 hydrating technology (Vitamin B5 & B3, Hyaluronic acid) infused with Broad Spectrum SPF30 also makes it a great choice for “active” makeup to be worn in the elements”.

I felt like the only part of this that fit the theme was the fact that it is was SPF30, which would help if you are out in the sun.

The main complaint I have heard so far is that fact that everyone was supplied with “medium” shade (myself included) – which is faaar too dark for many of us. So I won’t be using this unfortunately.

I also noted that there is a very slight fragrance to it – I know many people don’t like any face creams that are fragranced as it can irritate their skin.

L’Oreal Base Magique Primer

Full size $29/15ml, Sample size ~$10/5ml.


“ This amazing primer instantly smooths pores and fine line to create an even surface, so that you get a more flawless make-up result that last and lasts – even during the most active days. The light, mousse like formula blends beautifully whilst the inclusion of soft powders help to absorb sebum, thereby mattifying the skin to reduce shine.”

I don’t think I have been this excited about a beauty product since the announcement of the new sugarpill products (so, like 5 days ago?). I swatched this on my hand at work and watched all the lines on that section almost disappear! and I used the absolute tiniest amount!

It noticeably smoothed out the area and even improved the skin tone. I am immediately going out and buying this as it is so freakin amazing! The last time I received a sample that I absolutely had to have the full size of was Lady GaGa Fame (currently sitting in my handbag as my everyday perfume).

I won’t go into this too much more as I really want to buy this and review it properly!

ASAP Ultimate Hydration

Full Size $79/50ml, Sample Size ~ $24/15ml


“ No matter the age, dry skin contributes to the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, leading to prematurely aged skin. Use hydration to save you skin from this fate with ASAP. Using three key ingredients to recover natural moisture, improve skin texture and eliminate fine line. The result is an instantaneously improved skin texture and a much healthier skin tone.”

My skin is CRAZY dry (I may have mentioned this before), So anything that can improve that is a welcome addition. That said, this is pretty expensive!

This also has a bit of a scent, but it I must admit it’s quite a nice scent.

I applied this after I had washed my face before bed, and let it soak into my skin over night.  When I woke up the next morning I must admit my skin did look markedly improved! I’m on the fence as to whether or not I would buy this as it is quite expensive. Maybe I’ll treat myself before my wedding anniversary!.

Talavou Natural minerals Glo

Full size $39.95/8gm, Unknown sample size.


“ When all else fails, go natural! This natural bronzer helps to achieve a natural glow and radiance for your face. It consists of only three ingredients – mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxide – making sure that your skin stays breathable and breakouts are kept at arms length”.

Anybody who has even just seen a picture of me, knows I don’t use bronzer. Its not really my thing. I know I should use it more, even just for a bit of contouring.

What I did like about this product was the fact that it is literally only 3 natural ingredients – and no nasty fillers or anything either – which is much better for your skin than many chemical cosmetic ingredients. It’s not an obnoxious bronzer either – Just gives your skin a nice natural glow.

What I didn’t like, was no specifics given to the sample size, and that it was clearly in a full sized tub, but not filled up. (Also, my packaging had a slight crack but meh).

The holes that the powder comes through are HUGE, and as a result, once I had removed the adhesive that sits over the holes, the powder got EVERYWHERE – guys, I opened this at work and it got all over my desk.


So I’m not completely sold on the bronzer. I feel like I don’t really have  need for it. Maybe in summer?

Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser.

Full Size $67/150ml, Sample Size ~$2/5ml.


“ To remove impurities, dead cells and improve the texture of the skin, you need to enlist a great cleanser. Pevonia’s  gentle exfoliating cleanser contains Jojoba beads, Saponaria and Chamomile for a naturally based formula that will gently refine and smoothen your skin, giving way for a cleaner and healthier complexion”.

It annoys me when I get a sample size that is barely one use! But when I tried it, i didn’t have to use the whole tube – so clearly a little goes a long way. I will admit my skin does feel nicer, even after one use.  Again, this is pretty expensive so I might be on the fence about this one for a while.

John Freida precision foam colour intense after-colour conditioner.

Full Size – $16.99/150ml, Sample Size ~$6/50ml.


“This conditioner helps seal in the rich, beautiful tones of any colour and helps protect strands from fading, wash after wash. Suiting all shades of hair, keep yours feeling soft and silky by using on a regular basis to deeply nourish locks, leaving them glossy, healthy and shiny”.

This arrived just in time for me to do my first wash and colouring my hair.  The instructions on the bottle say to use it after you have dyed your hair – but this was close enough. I wet my hair, liberally applied the conditioner, and left it in for around 3 minutes while I did the rest of my skin routine that I do in the shower.

When I washed it out I noticed a small amount of the colour in the water, but remarkably very little appears to have come out. My hair isn’t super fluffy like a lot of conditioners tend to make it  – it’s just nice and sleek and shiny. I think I’m sold on this. I’m going to have to pick up a bottle once my sample runs out.

Tom Organic Tampons

Full Size $7.99/16 tampons, Sample size ~$1 for 2 tampons.


“ Made using the purest orgaic cotton on earth; TOM organic offers reliable, chemical free protection and peace of mind so you can be active any time of the month with absolutely no worries. All products use cotton that is free from pesticides and genetically modified material,making them better for your body and better for the planet”.

How an earth am I supposed to review a tampon with it being TMI?

All I will say is it arrived at the right time, worked how it was supposed to, and that I will probably buy it full size as I prefer to use organic tampons like Cottons over say, Libra or whatever.

Would buy full size: L’Oreal Base Magique Primer (and probably already have by the time this comes out),Tom Organic Tampons,  John Freida precision foam colour intense after-colour conditioner

On the fence:  Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, ASAP Ultimate Hydration

Would not buy full size: Ultraceuticals Ultra CC cream mineral tint SPF 30

Box Value: ~$49 – $50.

A lot of the items I received this time around could be considered “luxe” – so getting $24 worth a higher end product was pretty awesome. This months box was certainly better than lasts months, with more things that I can actually use. I have been feeling pretty “meh” about Bellabox lately for reasons that I won’t go into, but this box has renewed my faith in them.

I think I will hang on to my subscription for at least another month.


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