Just a bit of a life update

Yes my beauty babes, I have nothing to blog about this week – I am currently waiting on my next batch of products to review, and my new “look series” won’t be up until this weekend. I do have a tag post in my drafts but that’s not finished, so you guys are getting a boring life update – feel free to leave now!


August was the kick-start of my “get healthy” lifestyle. I decided to go on the Paleo diet and guys, it works! I will admit to being naught maybe 20% of the month with the occasional take-away, but on the days we didn’t give in to the fast food, we ate strictly paleo. This meant giving up grains (and therfore carbs) and dairy. I didn’t mind giving up dairy (I suspect I’m a little sensitive to it) but the carbs is a little trickier.

So by the end of August, my husband has lost 10kgs and I’ve lost 5! Pretty happy with that. Now I just have to get my butt into gear and start properly exercising so I can get even more off. The current goal is to be down to 110kgs by the end of October (which is my wedding anniversay – yay for Halloween bride). I am also participating in the Walk to Cure Diabetes in mid October (If you would like to support me, you can donate here – yes even my international friends. Any donation over $2 is tax deductable).


In regards to the blog, I have some exciting things coming up – this month I will be doing a look series called “Masquerade”, which is exactly as awesome as it sounds. October will be dedicated to Halloween looks, and then November will be “Doctor Who” month!


So that’s my little life update guys – sorry it wasn’t terribly exciting, but I thought I should touch base and not leave you guys hanging this week. I’ve got some great products on their way to me (one is waiting for me at the post office as I type this), so I will be back with the reviews shortly.


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