Masquerade Look Series – Part Two

Better late than never Beauty Babes! Although, I did seriously consider not posting this as I’m not 100% happy with the photos or the look overall. Just goes to show you some things never go as planned. I tried doing this a different way first but it refused to work at all, so I scrapped that and went with this.



1. First, use a small amount of Maybelline Colour Tattoo Metal in Silver Strike to trace out the shape that you want.

2. Fill in the area with Silver Strike BUT leave the eye area  clear.

3. Apply NYX eyeshadow base in white over the eye area.

4. Cover the mask with Sugarpill Tiara.

5. Pat Sugarpill Elemental Chaos over the eyeshadow base.

6. Apply a small amount of Sugarpill Weekender over Elemental Chaos.

7. Apply a small amount of black eyeliner to the waterline.

8. Using a black gel eyeliner and an angled brush, trace the outline of the mask to make it more prominent (and hopefully do a better job than me).

9. Apply maskara and the mask is done.

At this point you can apply your base and lipstick. I forgot to use any foundation, and I just used a pretty generic purple lipgloss.




Close up of my sexy flower



Hopefully this weeks look will be on time, and will come out looking a lot better! As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.



3 thoughts on “Masquerade Look Series – Part Two

  1. Olivia says:

    The purple looks amazing with your hazel eyes 🙂 And your freckles are adorable, don’t cover them up!!

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