Masquerade Look Series Part Three

Hey Beauty Babes! Finally getting something done on time this week.

I was inspired by this photo that I found on Pinterest for this weeks look. I decided to change up the colours, and also I don’t have the skill that this makeup artist does!




1. Start by applying NYX eyeshadow base in white over the lids.

2. Apply Sugarpill Tako into the brow bow and blend down and over.

3. Pat Sugarpill Velocity into the eyeshadow base, make sure the coverage is even.

4. Blend Sugarpill Afterparty into the outer edge of Velocity.

5. Pat Sugarpill Royal sugar over the entire lid.

6. Using the black gel liner in the Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream liner shimmer strips set for blue eyes (phew that was a mouthfull), create a fairly thick line over the upper lash line and into the lid.

7. Use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean to apply to the waterline, and create a thick line underneath the eye.

8. Grab a pencil brush and drag Afterparty into the corner of the eye and blend it underneath the eye.

9. Using a angled brush or thin eye pencil), draw “vine” like designs out from the corner of the eye.  Make sure they have some swirls!

10. Apply black gel liner to your eyebrows, and then drag some in between your eyes.

11. Use some of the blue gel liner from the same set to accent some areas on the “vines”. I also created a diamond in between my eyes.

12. Carefully pat Royal Sugar into the same accent areas, blending it a little bit. Use Royal Sugar to fill in the diamond.

13. Apply rhinestones wherever you want them. Clean up any fallout and you’re done.




1. Apply Lime Crime Loop-de-loop all over the lips.

2. Pat Royal Sugar over for a bit more “pop”.

And done!


Once again, I was really lazy and didn’t apply any foundation. I did however use a tiny bit of afterparty as a small pop of colour on my cheeks.




Oh and yes, I got my hair done! I feel a little guilty, cheating on my beloved Olia, but I really needed a hair cut and treatment, so I got my purple enhanced. Sexy no?


Hope you guys like it! Any suggestions for a name for this look? Suggestions in the comment section below!


2 thoughts on “Masquerade Look Series Part Three

  1. Laura Meldrum says:

    Love it, no idea what I’d name it but I’m now going looking for an occasion to do this for!

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