Beauty Box Review – Lust Have It September 2013

Beauty Box Review – September 2013

Lust Have it

$19 per month


I’m sure there was a theme this month, but I have managed to misplace the little card that comes with the boxes. so straight onto this months goodies (which seems to be kinda skin-care heavy, but that’s totally ok by me).

Wotnot Natural Organic Facial Wipes

RRP $7.95/25 wipes, Sample Size $1.59/5 wipes.


“Enriched with all natural ingredients including Australian certified organic aloe vera to lubricate and repair, certified organic sweet almond oil to restore moisture and calm inflammation and certified organic rosehip oil for skin regeneration and moisture re-balancing.”

I have never tried this brand, but I have been in need of some new wipes for a while. These felt really strong, yet soft, and removed my makeup quite well.  I would definitely buy these again.

Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover (mini version)

RRP $22, 110ml, Sample size $5.8, 29ml


“Gently removes eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, without tugging or pulling delicate skin in the eye area. Formula does not leave skin feeling dry. The mini is great for travel and small enough to tuck in your handbag.”

I found this kinda meh, but the makeup I tried it on was kinda heavy duty (like, red staining aaaaaaall over my eyes). I wouldn’t say that it sucked, but it didn’t work on what I used it for. So I’m on the fence with this one. My main complaint was how little would come out of the top. I’m sure some people prefer that, and I can see why, but I like a little more product to work with.

L’Oreal Base Magique Primer

RRP $29.95 15ml, Sample size $10, 5ml


“ This amazing primer instantly smooths pores and fine line to create an even surface, so that you get a more flawless make-up result that last and lasts – even during the most active days. The light, mousse like formula blends beautifully whilst the inclusion of soft powders help to absorb sebum, thereby mattifying the skin to reduce shine.”

I don’t need to sell you guys on this, hell I didn’t even need it! I already went out and bought a full size after I received my first sample in my August bellabox (and it’s nearly empty!).  Get it. get it now.

L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

RRP $26.95 30ml, Sample size 90c 1ml.


“A breakthrough in BB technology. Micro-pigment capsules that transform and self-adjust to match your skin tone for the perfect nude look. This 5 in 1 BB Cream not only offers a flawless ultra-light coverage but also enhances natural complexion, evens skin tone and provides your skin 24 hour hydration and SPF 12 protection.”

I must admit, I was pleasantly suprised by this. It comes out of the sachet as a greyish colour, but changes to its colour as you rub it in. I got this is in medium, which is almost the wrong colour for me. If I can find the correct shade, I would definitely buy this.

Lust Have It Synthetic Precision Pencil Brush

RRP $15



“This synthetic precision pencil brush is perfect for cream or powder eyeshadow application.”

LOVE IT! I’m kinda obsessed with makeup brushes (you can never have too many brushes) and this one is great quality. I would buy so many of these.

Tom Organic Tampons

Full Size $7.99/16 tampons, Sample size ~$1 for 2 tampons.


“ Made using the purest orgaic cotton on earth; TOM organic offers reliable, chemical free protection and peace of mind so you can be active any time of the month with absolutely no worries. All products use cotton that is free from pesticides and genetically modified material,making them better for your body and better for the planet”.

AGAIN with the tampons (I got these in Augusts’ Bellabox).  I’ll keep these for when I need them.

Bioderma Sebium AKN AND Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel

RRP $34.95/30ml – Sample Size ~ $6/5ml AND RRP $29.95/500mL – Sample size ~ $1/10ml


Sebium AKN is a superior smoothing and purifying cream that not only serves as an excellent base for makeup, but also works to eliminate blackheads for skin that’s flawless all on its own. The patented Fluidactive ingredient helps to reduce and fluidify the sebum your skin produces while gentle exfoliating ingredients smooth and refine skin texture, reducing the appearance of clogged pores. This moisturising liquid is lightly scented for a delightful experience that provides real, delightful, results

Isn’t there something about a foaming cleanser that makes you feel as if it’s ‘working’? When you use Bioderma’s, you’ll know it is! Their reputation for quality precedes them and the results speak for themselves. This special, naturally blue cleanser (thanks to the inclusion of mineral ingredients) is made for oily and combination skin that can be prone to acne-related blemishes. Its creamy, foaming texture helps to purify and cleanse the skin without drying it out, and its ability to control and reduce sebum production are second to none. Feel free to share it with the special men in your life, as it’s also gentle enough for men to use as a shaving gel.

There is a reason to my madness of grouping these two together. Apparently, I was only supposed to receive ONE of these, but somehow ended up with both (although it looks like i’m not the only one). My favourite of the two is the foaming gel cleanser. I used this in conjunction with my usual Neutrogena cleanser to double-cleanse (something I HIGHLY recommend everyone does once a week), and it left my skin feeling great. I used the Sebium AKN as a sort of moisturiser overnight and it wasn’t too bad (although I suspect I as using it wrong!). I’m on the fence with the AKN but I will certainly look into getting the gel cleanser.

Baji Super-Nutri Rescue Eye Serum

RRP $39/15ml – received full size.


Baji Rescue Eye Serum is a newly designed, ultra light weight, fast absorbing, intensive formula. A dispense of only a tiny drop is needed for maximum effectiveness for your skins overall health. This unique combination of ingredients helps deliver an incredible group of antioxidants.

The Australian Davidson Plum, Raspberry Seed Oil and Squalene offer natural protection and moisture shield to counteract cell damaging free radicals from environmental conditions.

The Super Nutrient ingredients helpfight against wrinkles, black circles and puffiness around the eyes. A blend of Hyaluronic Acid as the ultimate hydrator, combined with Green Coffee Extract offers superior antioxidant properties proven to reduce hyper pigmentation. Gota Kola to help reduce puffiness, and Siberian Ginseng Which offers natures alternative to Botox .

I had to google this find the information as the card didn’t mention anything. I have used this for two nights in a row and I have to say that I LOVE it. I’ve been looking for a good eye serum for a while – it’s one of the things I was missing from my skin care routine.  You seriously only need maybe half a pump to do both eyes (again, I might be using it incorrectly). Love this and will pick up another one once this is finished.

Box Value: ~$79.30 This is the best value box so far!

Would buy full size: Baji Super-Nutri Rescue Eye Serum, Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel, Tom Organic Tampons, Lust Have It Synthetic Precision Pencil Brush, L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream, L’Oreal Base Magique Primer, Wotnot Natural Organic Facial Wipes

On the Fence: Bioderma Sebium AKN, Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover (mini version)

The fact that there is nothing in this box that I have completely discounted is awesome. I pretty much likes everything in this box, even if i’m not 100% sold on one or two of them.

As always, please head over to the Dark Beauty Makeup Facebook page to receive your code for $5 off your first months subscription. They have really stepped things up, so I highly recommend jumping on board.


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