There are some days, like today, like I feel completely inadequate.

I look at other peoples blogs, at their totally awesome Halloween looks (and looks in general I guess), and then I look at my own, and feel inadequate.

I read through the forums on a website I visit that’s helping me lose weight. I see that I’m not doing as much work as some people, not losing as much weight as some people. And I feel inadequate.

Some days, I don’t feel like I pull my weight in my marriage – even though my husband assures me I do. Whenever I forget to do the dishes, or need to ask him for money for petrol, I feel completely and utterly inadequate.

Sorry if this is such a depressing post. It may seem like I’m fishing for comments, or affirmations. Maybe I am. Maybe I just need to feel loved, or a little bit special. I just needed to get this off my chest, and this seemed like a much safer place than Facebook.



4 thoughts on “Inadequacies

  1. Whit says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for several months now, and I would like to humbly offer some advice. As a person who now routinely gets called “tiny”, I’ve struggled with body issues for years. After making poor eating choices for years in order to stay thin, the move to being “healthy” caused me to gain and retain 40+ lbs for over a year. It was only when I stopped staring at the number on the scale and fretting over my clothing size that things really started to change. If the goal is to be “healthy”, not skinny, you’ll find your habits changing for the better. It’s about how you want to feel, not how you think others want you to look. Based on your writing, you are an amazingly beautiful person. Don’t let anything or anyone tell you differently. If you feel the need to make any kind of change, do it for you.

    • gothicbeeza says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot to me.
      It’s awesome to see that I do actually have some regular readers, and that you are such an great bunch of people.
      My Beauty Babes 🙂

  2. llewsoba says:

    I completly understand. I think most people have this issue. I try very hard not to compare myself to anyone else. You are who you are, and who gives a shit what anyone else thinks. Kudos for you for having the stones to put yourself out for literally the whole world to see.

  3. kflowermaquillage says:

    Don’t feel inadequate! Your blog is great 🙂 also if you want to lose weight I recommend high intensity workouts. They help you burn more cals than other forms of exercise & you don’t need to do it for as long. Look up the daily hiit on YouTube. It’s hard work, but they have programs for beginners too 🙂

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