Beauty Box Review – BellaBox September 2013

Beauty Box Review – September 2013




Hey Beauty Babes! I know this is quite late, but in my defence this didn’t arrive until 3 days into October, and then I needed adequate time to review everything. You know how this is.

This month, Bellabox has teamed up with Cleo magazine to bring us their sponsored “Spring Party Essentials” box. This thing was so jam packed that it didn’t fit in one of the usual boxes, so it was sent in a satchel!

Here are the goodies this month:

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps

RRP 18.99, 18 designer wraps per pack. Received full size.


Don’t have the steady hand, nail tools and hours to create your own nail art? Look to the UKs No.1 nail brand Elegant Touch and their nail wraps for easy art to adorn your tips this party season. Party-ready celeb Katy Perry is a fan – why not try then yourself this Friday night, when “you’ll dance on table tops, and you’ll take too many shots” showing off your mani  – hey that sounds fun! Can we come too?

These aren’t too bad. I put them on just one hand to try out, and they feel more like the stuff you put on binders – contact paper I think it was called? Any-whoo, it feels kind of plastic-y, and if you don’t do the edges correctly you have bits of the plastic hanging over the edge to annoy you (but I suppose that goes for all of these wraps). It’s 5 days in and there is a reasonable amount of chipping, but MUCH less than you would get with normal nail polish (at least in my experience). I’m not a huge fan of the pattern on them, but that’s not a huge deal. I’m on the fence as to whether I would get these, as I have tried foil style ones that I like better (even though they are just as fiddly).

Schick Hydro Silk Razor

RRP $9.99, received full size.


Shine this spring with silky smooth and hairless kin with this amazing technology-driven product. Its hydrating water-activated moisturising serum ensures that your skin will not be exposed to common moisture-loss and it reduces skin irritation due to shaving. Warning: you won’t be able to turn back to dollar razors after using it – they’re really that good.

This came at really the wrong time – I had run out of soap, which I didn’t realise until I got in the shower! But I persevered, and ended up using hair conditioner! I didn’t get the closest shave (the conditioners fault I assume), but after 5 days, my stubble isn’t all that bad.

The blades seem kind of expensive compared to what I normally use, so I’ll stay on the fence with this one.

Eyelure Naturalite – Natural Volume Lash #020.

RRP $12.99, received full size.


Eyelure Natural Volume Lashes are super full and luxurious, perfect for a glamorous yet fresh spring party look. Plus, the pre-glued band makes application simple and mistake proof.

I LOVED these. Apart from my clear lack of skill (and lack of tweezers), these are the easiest lashes I have ever worked with. The glue actually had a decent applicator wand, and applied nicely. I usually go for more over-the-top lashes, but the natural look of these was great. I actually used them in my first halloween look!

I will certainly be buying these, and hopefully many of their other styles.

Manicare Callous Exfoliator

RRP $6.95, received full size.


Winter can make our feet fall victim to dry, cracked heels due to constant friction and pressure from our fave winter boots. To avoid unattractive soles come spring, use Manicare’s Callous Exfoliator. It is built with an easy-to-go grip handle to efficiently and effectively remove and smoothen out hardened dry skin and callouses.

I used this on my hubby (he has a thing with me playing with his feet) and he quite liked it. It was easy to use (the handle was helpful) and not so abrasive that it hurt (or so I was told). There’s not much else I can say about this. I will probably buy another one at some point.

Garnier Ambre Soliare Natural Bronzer Spray

RRP $14.95/150ml, received full size.


Get natural bronze goddess skin this spring with Garnier’s Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Spray. Not only does it give you an even tan, it doesn’t requite you to run it in. Hello streak free hands! Plus, it includes a healthy blend of moisturising Apricot extract and an all natural self tanning agent, for a golden, not orange spring glow.

Again, hubby volunteered for this one. The logic behind this, is that he wears pants all the time, so no one would see a dodgy (and it WAS dodgy) tan job on his legs, whereas I wear skirts all the time and it would be super noticeable.

There is really some skill to being able to use this. When you spray it out, you don’t actually see anything on your skin, which makes it difficult to get an even, streak free application. It takes up to 3 hours for the initial colour to develop, and then you just keep adding on until you get to the shade you want. The shade we got after the first application was a rather “dirty leg” look. Didn’t bother to go any further.

I wouldn’t purchase this again, simply because I like being pale, and I really wish my rather tanned arms were MUCH more white!

ASAP Pure Mineral Lip Pencil in Four

RRP $20, received full size.


Spring lippy sorted? Now, time to say no to lipstick bleeds with your perfectly drawn lips using ASAP’s Pure Mineral Lip Pencil. Blended with Vitamin E, which helps soften and smooth, while nicely and naturally shaping the lips with a striking blend of colour.


I’m not 100% sure if “Four” is the colour name or just part of the item name. Anyway, this wasn’t as soft as I hoped it would be when I swatched it it on my hand. It’s a decent enough colour – a sort of muted plummy brown, which actually goes perfectly with a lipstick I have.

So I’m on the fence with this one. I like the brand (I love the last moisturising i got), but they are so hard to get hold of!

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Pac Masque

RRP $3.99/10ml, Sample Size ~$2.50/6ml.


Mud – a party essential? Sure is! Montagne Jeunesse has created a Dead Sea Mud Pac Masque that specifically focuses on deep cleansing that will unclog pores and remove impurities, leaving your complexion smoother, cleaner and clearer for a glowing party look.

It’s kind of odd this this is the only sample size item in this months box – maybe they knew people are kinda “meh” about it?

I have nothing against this mask – it does the job – but it’s not my favourite. I had yet to be turned from my beloveds, and this mask failed to do it once again. So it’s not a bad mask, just not for me.

Box value: ~$86.37.

MASSIVE value this month. I can easily see this as somebodys dream box, with lots of beauty essentials. Some of the stuff just didn’t do it for me, but that tends to go for most supscription boxes.

Would buy full size: Eyelure Naturalite – Natural Volume Lash #020, Manicare Callous Exfoliator

On the fence:  Elegant Touch Envy Wraps, Schick Hydro Silk Razor, ASAP Pure Mineral Lip Pencil in Four

Would not buy full size: Garnier Ambre Soliare Natural Bronzer Spray, Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Pac Masque


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  1. Yours is a little bit different than mine, but good nonetheless! xx

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