Halloween Series – Spiced Pumpkin

Hey Beauty Babes! Welcome to part two of the Halloween Series.

I will admit I struggled with this look. Originally I was going to go down more of a ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ inspired look, but I didn’t really like how it turned out. So I decided to go more for a borderline “wearable” look, with a twist of course!

I’ve found trying to write out the tutorials is a little difficult (and I’m sure it’s hard to read as well). So I’m just going to list the items I used, and where I used them If you want me to go back to the tutorials please let me know in the comments section below.




  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy as an eyeshadow base.
  • Sugarpill Flamepoint over the lid and into the crease.
  • Sugarpill Tako as a brow highlight.
  • MAC Expensive Pink blended into the brow bone.
  • Small amount of Sugarpill Bulletproof into the crease (and then expensive pink over the top to blend out).
  • Designer Brands Kohl Pencil in black on upper lash line, waterline and lower lash line.
  • Then pop a little flamepoint and Expensive pink under the lash line.
  • Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying mascara.
  • Flamepoint on the eyebrows for an awesome pop.




  • L’oreal Base Magique primer
  • Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation in Creamy Ivory as foundation.
  • Mix flamepoint and Physicians Formula happy booster blush in Rose for blush.


  • Covergirl lipstick in Fervour
  • StreetGloss Diamonds Lip Gloss in Ultra diamonds.





Hope you guys like this look! It certainly isn’t what I started out to do, but I love what it became. Not a traditional halloween look, but nothing boring either.



One thought on “Halloween Series – Spiced Pumpkin

  1. rubyangel711 says:

    Wow! This is such a cool, fun look for Halloween…I think I may just do this in the spirit of Halloween and my kids will LOVE it! Great post!


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