Beauty Box Review – Lust Have It October 2013

Beauty Box Review – October 2013

Lust Have It

$19 per month

Hey Beauty Babes! First post back from my well deserved holiday.


This arrived while I was off, which gave me the perfect opportunity to really test drive these! The theme for this month was “Spring Race Carnival Edition”, so everything was geared towards the prep work for a fun day out.


Lust have it debuted their fun, new packaging this month, and I love the change.

Le Tan Wash Off

RRP $14.99/ 100ml, Sample Size ~$6/40g


Offering a bronze tan for the entire body in a matter of minutes, this streak free product is revolutionary and makes tanning super easy. Simply spray on before you walk out and wash off when you return. Truly the ultimate “risk” and “fuss free” temporary product that dries in 60 seconds.

I’m pretty sure you guys already know that I’m not a “tanning” person. All I have to do is walk out into the sun and I just burn and go brown, which is not ideal for a goth! That said, if I WAS a tanning person, I’m not sure if this would appeal to me. On one hand, its pretty instant – you just spray it on (although I found I had to rub it in, or maybe I was just using it wrong), and then at the end of the day it washes right off. One the other hand, it’s a little TOO instant. I think I would prefer the type of fake tan that builds up. So yeah, probably not going to buy this (I’ll probably give it to one of my sisters).

INIKA Mineral Eyeshadow

RRP $25/12ml – Full sized received


Rich in pigment it provides vibrant and opulent colours that last all day. The purity of the ingredients means that they are perfect for even the most sensitive eyes, INIKA eyeshadows are multi purpose and can be used wet or dry as a shadow or eyeliner.


First of all, why is the “I” missing from my pot! I thought maybe it was designed that way, but no, it’s somehow missing. Moving on, I actually quite liked this eyeshadow. It went on so easily and the colour is pretty nice – like a steel blue with some green shimmer to it I guess. I forgot to write down the shade name! I really want to try this went, and as an eye liner like the description suggests. Again, kind of pricey, but I love that I at least received a full size pot (and honestly, you pay more for MAC here in Australia). I debated whether I would buy this, and I honestly think I would – but maybe just for special occasions.

Paula’s Choice Oil Blotting Papers

RRP $10.50/100 papers, Sample Size $4.20/40 papers


These handy, discreet papers adsorb excess surface oil and leave your skin smooth and matte without disturbing your makeup. Simply press them against shiny areas and the oil is immediately absorbed. Great for touch ups throughout the day.

I’ll be honest, the need for these never came up – I’m sure it will in the coming days as Summer decides it wants to be a month early! So I can’t really review this properly. Saying that, I think it’s a pretty good idea. I’ll stay on the fence for now, as I can see a need for this product, I’m just not 100% sure if it works – someone let me know!

Evo Ritual Salvation Care and Shampoo and Conditioner.

RRP $25 per bottle/ 300ml, Sample Size $4 per bottle/50ml


Recommended for colour-treated, weak and brittle, this treatment shampoo cleanses and repairs hair by helping to protect hair colour and strengthening the hair. The rich conditioner repairs and smooths hair whilst helping to protect hair colour, enhancing shine and protecting against sun damages. 

Check out the cute packaging! I love how the text on the shampoo continues on to the conditioner bottle. Apart from that, this isn’t a half bad set. My hair was in pretty terrible condition (Just 2 days away from a hair appointment luckily), and this helped re-juvintate my hair a bit. This was good for 2 uses, which was split between myself and my husband. I think I would need a couple more applications to make a decent judgement, so for now, I’m on the fence.

Smitten Whipped Tinted Mousse Moisturiser

RRP $25/30ml – Sample size unknown


A revolutionary whipped mousse textured tinted moisturiser with 15SPF. It will effortlessly even out skin tone and camouflage imperfections. A weightless matte finish to keep you flawless all day long. Available in 6 great shades, you can apply it to the face with your choice of brush, sponge or fingers.

Oh how I wish I had received this in my colour! I absolutely LOVED the formulation – it provided more of a full coverage which is awesome, but didn’t feel too heavy. The shade I got was sadly too dark for me, but I will certainly be doing some research to find my correct colour. The price seems reasonable as well (I’m currently using a Max Factor foundation that was more than this!). Put this in the BUY column.

Princess Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Mask

RRP $25 110ml – full size received


This Hyaluronic Acid Mask offers a pure refreshment for dehydrated skin. Mimicking the hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body, this mask helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to maintain skin elasticity and firmness whilst keeping your skin fresh and glowing.

I wish I had taken photos of the actual mask that came out of this thing – it was kind of scary. Also, a little tricky to put on.  I’m sure I’ve seen a video around somewhere of the hilarity! Anyway, I left it on for the 20 minutes that the package said to, and then removed it and threw it away (was that correct? I have no idea!). I must admit, my skin did feel pretty nice afterwards.  $25 might seem a touch pricey for just one mask, but I’m sure you pay more to go into a beauty salon and have something similar done. I think I might put this in my BUY column, and get one (or two) to use just before special occasions.

Box Value: at least $68.20 ( I was unable to ascertain the sample size of the tinted moisturiser so I can’t give an accurate amount)

Will buy full size: INIKA Mineral Eyeshadow, Smitten Whipped Tinted Mousse Moisturiser, Princess Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Mask

On the Fence: Paula’s Choice Oil Blotting Papers, Evo Ritual Salvation Care and Shampoo and Conditioner

Would not buy full size: Le Tan Wash Off

Overall, this was a pretty good box this month. It’s always nice when I have very few things that I know I wouldn’t buy. If you are interested in trying Lust Have It for yourself, just use the code DARK at the checkout to receive $5 off your first box – yes, I get compensation for this, but think of it as a way to support my shopping addiction  the awesome work that I do on this blog.


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