I’m back from Holidays!

Hey Beauty Babes! I have technically been back from holidays for like a week now, but I have been catching up with stuff at work, so haven’t had time to do any blog posts. I did plan on having some scheduled while I was away, but alas, I am lazy.

Greg surprised me on  our first day off with a shiny new eternity ring which FITS BETTER THAN MY WEDDING RING! I came home from work to find that he had scattered little cut out hearts from the front door to the back yard, where he had a beautiful archway set up and a romantic dinner cooked, and wine and candles, and got down on bended knee and asked if I would continue to be his wife. I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING HUSBAND EVER!

The holiday was fantastic. We went to Fremantle to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and it was amazing. We stayed at the Esplanade Hotel, and they upgraded us from our already pretty awesome room to an amazing JUNIOR DELUXE SUITE! I’m pretty sure I can never stay in a standard hotel room ever again. We had room service and scored a free bottle of wine (as they knew it was our anniversary). We went to the Fremantle Prison for their Halloween Night Tour – I can’t believe how many people dressed up! Next year, we are so going all out on costumes.

On the Friday night (so the night after our anniversary), we went to Char Char Bull. I can’t recommend this place enough! It might be a little pricey, but the food, wine AND service was all amazing!

I wish I had taken some photos, but we plan on going back REGULARLY (as it is literally maybe a half an hour drive from our house).

Enough bragging. I’ll be posting some new stuff asap to make up for my absence.


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