Concrete Minerals Haul/Review

Concrete Minerals

$7.95 1.5gms ($8.95 for pro matte eyeshadow)

Available from Beserk


Hey Beauty Babes! I have finally had a chance to do some on-line shopping, and decided to dive into a new brand (seeing as I own pretty much all of the Sugarpill stuff now). I say new, new for me that is. Concrete Minerals has a HUGE selection of colours, and I picked 5 that  I plan on using in looks pretty soon.

Concrete Minerals are 100% Vegan and cruelty-free, and made in the USA.



Blitzkrieg is a warm, neutral with plenty of shimmer. Makes a great accent but looks equally stunning alone. We like to refer to neutrals as “office-friendly” but that doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy! That’s where Blitzkrieg steps in…

Blitzkrieg is a beautiful shimmery bronzy-brown. It goes on quite well with minimal fallout. If you want this to be really punchy, I recommend using it over a white base, but it does work beautifully on it’s own.


Taken in natural light – no base


The Vaccine


A brilliant accent, looks incredible foiled! Voted a fan-favorite from the limited edition Zombie Girl collection!

The vaccine is described as a Steel blue-grey with bright green duochrome. It looks much blue-er than I expected. This one could definately be improved with a primer, or using a damp brush for a “foiled” effect. You could wear this on it’s on for a light, spring look.


Taken in natural light – no base



The only thing better than makeup as far as we’re concerned is music, and this rich midnight blue was inspired by prog-rock band Souljourners! Designed to be worn by a total rockstar, this color holds its own as a contour and creates an ultra-sultry smoky eye!

Souljourner is a midnight blue with copper sparkle, but its a little matte as well – and fallout CRAZY! you need to pat this on carefully over a sticky base if you want it to be completely opaque, but you can use it just as nice smokey colour with a twist.


Black Metal


Whether you’re from the grim and frostbitten forests of Norway, or you just really dig a good, sultry black, this colour will not disappoint! Best used as a contour. 

Black metal is a nice black with silver sparkle – again, kind of matte underneath and fairly heavy with the fallout. This is definitely better suited as a contour colour than an all over the lid colour. It’s pretty similar to Souljourner, just a bit darker.


Bulletproof (Pro Matte Collection)


Part of the Concrete Minerals line of Pro Matte Eyeshadows, an entire line designed with the color-lovers in mind! Built on a deluxe base, these matte shades offer superior adhesion and blend like a dream!

Simply described as an electric, matte blue, I may be in love with this colour.  I am officially dubbing this T.A.R.D.I.S blue (although it may need a touch of purple). Unbelievably fallout-heavy, but if you pat it on nicely over a sticky base then it works well.


Overall, pretty impressed with the Concrete Minerals so far. Yes, they work best with a primer or sticky base, but the amazing selection of colours and general formula really sells it for me. This may become my new addiction.

Any else had any experience with Concrete Minerals? Recommendations for the next colours I should get? Comment below.


One thought on “Concrete Minerals Haul/Review

  1. muireann04 says:

    I think I am in love with T.A.R.D.I.S blue eyeshadow too and may just get it for that reason alone lol.

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