WordPress Family Award

Hey Beauty Babes! I was honoured to be nominated for the WordPress Family Award by Jen at dragonflybeautyreviews. Her blog is filled with awesome reviews of products (and even though I can’t get half of it in Australia, still pretty fun to read).



1. Display the award logo on your blog

2. Link back to the person that nominated you

3. Nominate 6 other blogger’s who have made an impact on your blogging experience in such a way that they feel like “family”

4. Let your six WordPress family members know that you have awarded them

5. Spread the Love!


I tried to stick with people who I actually interact with (and who interact with me back), and so genuinely feel like part of my blogging family.

1. Kyashi Design – I always like to support fellow Australian bloggers, and Kyashi’s blog is definitely one you should look at. She mostly just reviews beauty products, but also reviews subscription boxes as well.

2. Lizzie and Millie – Lizzie’s blog is a nice mix of beauty and lifestyle. And if you are wondering about Millie – she’s her dog 🙂

3. Llesowba – Some days I feel like Amy is one of my biggest fans. She posts some awesome looks reguarly, and also reviews a number of cool products.

4.  Eye Have A  lot Of Feeling – Olivia is also a regular stopping by my blog! Her blog is great mix of beauty, book reviews, movie reviews, and just general life posts.

5. Makeup By Siryn – If you are a fan of SERIOUSLY awesome looks, usually inspired by comic book characters, then Siryns’ blog is a must see. She does review products as well, but trust me – go for the awesome makeup.

6. Fit Fat Fut – While Addie my not be a huge stalker of my blog (unless she actually is – hi!), I am a huge stalker of hers. It’s a fitness blog, but more than just that. She is a total inspiration to me. When I am feeling a little down, or don’t feel like working out, I jump onto her blog and there’s always a super inspirational post that kicks me in the butt!


There you go guys. If you are one of my regulars, and I didn’t mention you – I’m so sorry! Consider yourself nominated because I love you all so much! I wouldn’t be here without the support of all my lovely Beauty Babes.


3 thoughts on “WordPress Family Award

  1. dragonfly says:

    thanks for doing this!

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