Lust Have It – November

Beauty Box Subscription – November 2013

$19.95 per month

Lust Have It


Hey Beauty Babes! It feels like so long since I blogged properly. I promise I will get back on updating regularly. Plus, this is ridiculously late! This months (last months?) Lust Have It box didn’t seem to have a theme – the back of the info card just advertises their “FAB” box.

Oh well, on to the goodies!

Aveda Botanical Kinetics

Gel Cleanser $54.95/ 150ml – Sample Received 7ml

This plant-derived gel cleanser foams away impurities, helps normalise skin and gently dissolves makeup and impurities. Ideal for normal to oily skin.

Hydrating Lotion $79.95 / 150ml – Sample Received 7ml

Protecting from dehydration, this quick-absorbing hydrating lotion contains naturally-derived ingredients that replenishes moisture with a gentle touch. For all skin types.


Those that know me, know that I’m not a fan of gel cleansers. I just don’t feel like they do anything for me. This one was no different. It’s not that it’s a bad product or anything, just a personal preference. I will probably use the rest of the cleanser next time I need to do a double-cleanse. But I won’t be getting a full size. The moisturiser was equally disappointing for me – my skin actually reacted with it! I guess I just wasn’t meant to have these.

Verdict: Would not buy

Davroe Wellbeing Treatment Replenish

$11.95 /50ml, appear to have received full size.

This intensive moisture-rich treatment deeply penetrates to help repair, seal and smooth even the most damaged hair. With Australian pure plant botanicals and sunflower ceramides, it restores well-being, silkiness and shine to the hair


I actually really liked this. I am always on the hunt for a reasonably priced hair treatment, and I think I have finally found one. The application is a little time consuming – you have to shampoo your hair, and then towel dry it before applying this, and then washing it out after 5 minutes or so – but it might be worth it. Hubby used this as well and he seemed to like it (and lately he hasn’t liked ANY of my hair care products). I have already used the entire tube of this, and I will attempt to track down where I can buy it from!

Verdict: Would buy

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub

$9.99 / 150ml, sample size 15gms

Containing micro-fine crushed cocoa beans to gently exfoliate facial skin, this facial scrub removed dead skin cells. It reveals smoother skin and enhances the skins surface, allowing it to better absorb the daily moisturiser or night cream.


This isn’t too bad of a facial scrub. I have used this once or twice, and I find it almost equal to my Lush cleanser – although I found it a little weak for removing oil. I think I might pick up a tube of this to keep handy for the days when I just need a quick pick me up (or forget to take my cleanser with me somewhere).

Verdict: Would buy

Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara

$38 / 8.5ml, sample size 30gm

This breakthrough mascara reveals lashes you never knew you had with a specially designed brush that can be used horizontally and vertically. The long-wearing jet-black formula lengthens, curls, volumizes , lifts and separates.


There has been so much hype around this product for such a long time. And I must say, it is well deserved. As you can see by the pictures below, it does make a dramatic difference to my eyelashes. The little wand that came with the sample was a bit fiddly, but this may have convinced me to buy a high end mascara! There was also a voucher included in the box for a free eye-brow make-over at your local Benefit counter (I just couldn’t be bothered taking a photo of all the vouchers).


Verdict: Would buy

Mary Kay “Thinking of You” Eau De Parfum

$30/29.6ml, sample size 2 x sachets

This fruity floriental fragrance turns a moment into a memory with a scent that captures the emotions that connect us all and makes the perfect gift.


Now where to start – we could start with the horrendous made up word that is “floriental” (which almost sounds racist), or the fact the sachets were practically useless.  Inside the sachets were little wipes with the scent on it, which you just used on your skin – pretty much a guaranteed one time use! The scent itself was just ok – I’m sure some people would consider it nice but not really for me.

Verdict: Would not buy

Mary Kay Relaxing Foot Soak.

Part of the Pedicure set – $38.


There really wasn’t a description for this so I won’t worry about it. I pretty much got a lucky dip of one of four products that forms the Mary Kay pedicure set. Looking at the list, I would have prefered ANY of the other products, as I don’t have a foot spa or something adequate so soaking your feet in. Kinda disappointing.

Verdict: Would not buy

Lonvitalite C3 Collagen Firming and Moisturising Facial Mask

$32 Pack of 5,  sample received 1 mask.

Supplying collagen, this facial mask mildly seals water in the skin, improves skin lustre, fades wrinkles and promotes the regeneration of damaged skin cells…..


…But not with one application that’s for sure. These masks are all the rage at the moment (pretty sure I received a face mask like this in my last Lust Have It box as well). Once again, it’s a little finicky to use, as no-one has a perfectly symmetrical face, but once you get it on it’s not too bad. You do need to wash your face after, which I think is an improvement from the last one I used! I’m just…not a fan I guess. I think I will stick with my usual mud masks.

Verdict: Would not buy.

Overall, not a bad box this month – everything was either “yes, I love it” or “not really for me”. I’m sure there’s someone out there who loved everything in this box.

As always, if you are interested in getting your own monthly subscription, you can use the code DARK at the checkout and get $5 off your first month


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