Airwick Multicolour Black Edition Candle Review {sponsored}

Airwick Multicolour Black Edition Candle Review

Hey Beauty Babes!

This is my very first every sponsored post! No, I don’t get money for this, just a pretty sweet new candle. And I know it seems weird that I’m blogging about a candle, but hear me out, I wouldn’t be blogging about it if I didn’t like it (plus, it’s black, and you know how I like my black stuff).

So first, on to the facts. The candle I received is the crackling fire and cinnamon spice scented one. The other scented candles in the range are purple blackberry fig, and golden winter woods.

Discover a rich blend of cinnamon and nutmeg, finished with sensual amber and warm woods

As far as the scent goes, I had this burning for around half an hour, in a small-ish room, and it was kind of faint. Not that that is a bad thing of course. This is clearly not meant to be an over-powering scent, which is great. Nothing worse than only being able to burn a candle for a short amount of time because the scent is too strong. I think if you left it going for longer, the scent would build within the room.

Unlit candle

Unlit candle

The “multi-colour” aspect comes in with the candles colour changing ability. I have NO idea how this works, but it has something to do with the heat I’m presuming, as the colours change when the candle is lit. I managed to get photos of 4 discernable colours, although there is probably more as it shifts through the spectrum.











Overall, I do like this candle. It’s not necessarily something I would have purchased on my own, but now that I have it I will probably use it occasionally in the bedroom (not like that – dirty minded people).

The candle is available at most supermarkets, for around $12-ish dollars. It varies from store to store, which is why I refrained from list a price at the top.

Let me know in the comments section below if you enjoy reading me review things OTHER than the stock standard makeup stuff. I will happily review more “lifestyle” items if requested.




6 thoughts on “Airwick Multicolour Black Edition Candle Review {sponsored}

  1. Kristy Bond says:

    whoa how cool is that candle? Thanks for sharing I may need to pick one up! (im Kristy and im a candle -holic) XD

  2. llewsoba says:

    That’s pretty cool! Perfect bedroom candle… >:)

  3. gothicbeeza says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you liked it 🙂

  4. Ashly Eyler says:

    OMGosh! I’m addicted to scents and candles I saw this on the shelf the other night and the packaging intrigued me, but I didn’t do anything other than see it on the shelf. Now that I know it friggin’ changes colors!!! I’m buying this next time I get paid! 🙂 CANNOT WAIT!

  5. kflowermaquillage says:

    That’s so awesome that it changes colour! ! Haha :p

  6. I have seen these in the shops and wondered how the colours change. Hey you have such a cool blog. Follower, follow me: also come and enter my giveaway!
    Renee x

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