Pintester Movement 2.0

Hey Beauty Babes! The Pintester has once again challenged her Pintestes (he he) to try and do some of the many pins out there that we have been putting off.

Last time, we had to recreate one of hers. This time, its all on us – we have to go out and pick a pin to do. The success of my previous manicure attempt prompted me to go out and find a new nail art to do, and this is what I stumbled on:

Super Mario Mushroom Nail Art!

I’m a bit of a geek, so I thought this would be awesome to attempt. Heres how it went (hey that rhymes! Totally not intentional though).

Also, i’m pretty lazy, so instead of going out and buying 5 different colours (like the original pin has), I decided just to use whatever I had in my nail box – I still have 5 different colours but 4 of them are no name cheapies, and the last one is clearly a “magic” mushroom as I used of my new Pretty Cosmetics nail polishes (Nightmaren I do believe).

Armed with absolutely no instructions, and no proper dotting tool, here is what I came up with



So sexy, is it not?

I think its pretty obvious what I did.  You apply a couple of layers of each nail polish to ensure its completely opaque. Allow this to dry completely (super important). Next, get your white nail polish and create a thick french tip.

Using to the top of a pin that has a casing (if that makes sense at all), dip it into the white nail polish and make a couple of large dots. I used a bobby pin to make the smaller dots. For the black lines/eyes – I removed the protective plastic tip from a bobby pin, and used the flat shape to create a thin-ish line.

You should probably use some sort of a top coat but mine as disappeared (along with my normal red nail polish I was hoping to use).

And you are done!

That’s it for this Pintester Movement – If you are a visitor from the Pintester website…Hi :). Also, please feel free to look around my blog and check out the rest of my posts.

Mushroom Nail art? NAILED IT!