Urban Decay Shattered Face Case Review

Urban Decay Shattered Face Case

Beauty Bay

RRP $62.30 AUD


Hey Beauty Babes!

This is the second item that I got in my Beauty Bay haul. I decided that I needed a new palette, and this seemed like a great place to start with the Urban Decay palettes (eventually I’ll buy a “Naked” palette). It has everything you need in one totally awesome package.

Urban Decay Shattered Face Case is a badass and truly deluxe makeup palette which is packed with all the essentials for a range of complete makeup looks.

Urban Decay has done face cases before but NEVER like this! Shattered Face Case is a dual layered faceted case which features five new and exclusive eye shadows, 6 blushes and a highlighter. Shattered Face Case also includes a travel sized version of the renowned Zero 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil and a full sized Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour.

The top tier holds the eyeshadows and eyeliner with a full sized mirror whilst the lower tier contains the blushes, highlighter and lip colour with another full sized mirror. Specially designed to give Urban Decay fans a really versatile, all in one kit which can be used for travelling and to create a complete look.

This thing is honestly pretty awesome. It is perfectly compact – in fact it fit’s inside the little makeup bag I usually keep with me in my car to do my makeup before work. Every colour in the kit has been perfectly selected to help create an everyday look – or go all out and create a super bold look. The possibilities are endless!

So on to the swatches.


Tier 1 – Eyeshadows



Shakedown is described as a smokey grey. There is a little bit of shimmer to it, making a great colour to include in a smokey look, either in the crease or just under the waterline. It can be a little heavy for everyday use, but otherwise is a pretty awesome colour.



Remix is described as a bold violet shimmer. And just like the 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Riot, I’m in love. I use this on over Riot on my lower lash line, to add a nice pop of colour to a usually quite tame office look (yeah my bosses are pretty understanding). It performs quite well, and I will be very sad when it runs out (all the colours are exclusive to this face case I think).



Nameless is described as a muted chocolate. I feel like this pairs perfectly with the other two nude colours in the palette, to make  smokey-eyed look that isn’t overbearing. Normally I’m not into brown colours, but this one is rather versatile.

Minor Sin


Minor sin is described as a champagne shimmer, and is currently my go-to lid colour. It’s such a nice feminine colour, without being too “girly”. It looks like it would be at home on the Naked 3 palette with it’s almost rose -gold tinge to it. This can definitely be worn everyday, for any situation!  My second favourite colour in the set.



Bleach is described as a matte biege, and is a perfect contrast against Minor sin. It works perfectly as a highlight colour along the brow bone, and the colour itself isn’t too intense, and both complements and contrasts all the other colours  in the palette.

The top tier also features the eyeliner for the set – 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Zero (same travel-size on the ones in the Black Market set). This is a true black – or as described by Urban Decay, a “Classic Zealous Black”. Mine is already at the point that it needs sharpening, I use it so much!




Tier Two – Blushes/Highlighter


I tried getting photos of the swatches I really did, but the lighting was terrible  (too warm) so nothing was showing up nice enough

Overexposed (Blush)

Overexposed is described as a nude cheek colour. This is a much more toned down  blush colour than I am used to, but I think this may be what I have been searching for. Some days my skin looks a little “ruddy” and a proper pink just does not suit it. This is a nice alternative.

Temper (Blush)

Temper is described as a timeless pink cheek colour. It’s appears to be the quintessential pink colour. If I get my foundation pale enough (which I actively try to I must admit), then this may suit me. It may be the colour to suit everyone (but don’t hold me to that).

Glint (Highlighter) 

Glint is described as a highlighter with a touch of champagne shimmer. I have to admit to being one of those people who doesn’t know how to highlight properly, so I don’t feel like I could give a fair assessment of it. However, it is still a really beautiful colour. There is just enough of a shimmer to it that it catches the light, but doesn’t make it look like you have a face covered in glitter!


The second tier also has a Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour in Lovechild. It is described as  a dusky pink lip colour. In some lights, this looks like a muted pink, in other lights it looks waaaaaaaaay too pink for me. I do like the formula though, so I’m thinking my next Beauty bay order will include a colour that I like and I will swap them over.


Overall, this is an amazing palette. It is the perfect size to carry with you, and contains the colours to create everything from everyday looks to bold and smouldering evening looks. I am definitely impressed with it (even if i’m not too keen on the lipcolour).

Do you guys have this palette or any of the other Urban Decay palettes? Tell me what you think below!



NYE/Party Look

Hey Beauty Babes!

Welcome to 2014! This is my first post of the year (which probably should have been posted on the 31st of December but meh). I wore this look for New Years Eve, but it would also work if you are looking for a dramatic party look.

This is supposed to be much more purple than the photo comes across!


Products used:

* L’Oreal Base Magique prime

* Rimmel Match Perfect foundation in 010 Light Porcelain

* NYX Eyeshadow Base in White

* Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in Weekender

* Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in Hysteric

* MAC pressed eyeshadow in Howzat

* Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in Stella

* Physicians Formula eyebooster in Ultrablack

* NYX jumbo pencil in Black Bean

* Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm in Gothic

* Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Rose


I promise I will be posting more often than I did towards the end of last year! I will also be making a few changes to the blog over the coming months – stay tuned!

Concrete Minerals Haul/Review

Concrete Minerals

$7.95 1.5gms ($8.95 for pro matte eyeshadow)

Available from Beserk


Hey Beauty Babes! I have finally had a chance to do some on-line shopping, and decided to dive into a new brand (seeing as I own pretty much all of the Sugarpill stuff now). I say new, new for me that is. Concrete Minerals has a HUGE selection of colours, and I picked 5 that  I plan on using in looks pretty soon.

Concrete Minerals are 100% Vegan and cruelty-free, and made in the USA.



Blitzkrieg is a warm, neutral with plenty of shimmer. Makes a great accent but looks equally stunning alone. We like to refer to neutrals as “office-friendly” but that doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy! That’s where Blitzkrieg steps in…

Blitzkrieg is a beautiful shimmery bronzy-brown. It goes on quite well with minimal fallout. If you want this to be really punchy, I recommend using it over a white base, but it does work beautifully on it’s own.


Taken in natural light – no base


The Vaccine


A brilliant accent, looks incredible foiled! Voted a fan-favorite from the limited edition Zombie Girl collection!

The vaccine is described as a Steel blue-grey with bright green duochrome. It looks much blue-er than I expected. This one could definately be improved with a primer, or using a damp brush for a “foiled” effect. You could wear this on it’s on for a light, spring look.


Taken in natural light – no base



The only thing better than makeup as far as we’re concerned is music, and this rich midnight blue was inspired by prog-rock band Souljourners! Designed to be worn by a total rockstar, this color holds its own as a contour and creates an ultra-sultry smoky eye!

Souljourner is a midnight blue with copper sparkle, but its a little matte as well – and fallout CRAZY! you need to pat this on carefully over a sticky base if you want it to be completely opaque, but you can use it just as nice smokey colour with a twist.


Black Metal


Whether you’re from the grim and frostbitten forests of Norway, or you just really dig a good, sultry black, this colour will not disappoint! Best used as a contour. 

Black metal is a nice black with silver sparkle – again, kind of matte underneath and fairly heavy with the fallout. This is definitely better suited as a contour colour than an all over the lid colour. It’s pretty similar to Souljourner, just a bit darker.


Bulletproof (Pro Matte Collection)


Part of the Concrete Minerals line of Pro Matte Eyeshadows, an entire line designed with the color-lovers in mind! Built on a deluxe base, these matte shades offer superior adhesion and blend like a dream!

Simply described as an electric, matte blue, I may be in love with this colour.  I am officially dubbing this T.A.R.D.I.S blue (although it may need a touch of purple). Unbelievably fallout-heavy, but if you pat it on nicely over a sticky base then it works well.


Overall, pretty impressed with the Concrete Minerals so far. Yes, they work best with a primer or sticky base, but the amazing selection of colours and general formula really sells it for me. This may become my new addiction.

Any else had any experience with Concrete Minerals? Recommendations for the next colours I should get? Comment below.

Halloween Series – Dragons Lair

Hey Beauty Babes! It’s that time of the week again! Time for our Halloween Series.

When I sat down to do this look today, I had absolutely no idea what to do. Luckily, my friend Jazz is around and gave me the inspiration of “dragons”. I could have gone off on a very “magical” tangent, but i decided to keep this a little more grounded (well, as much as you can when the inspiration is dragons!).

Just like last week, I’m going to list the products I used and where, as opposed to doing a full on tutorial. The key to this look is blending, and using the gold-ish shade to highlight in the right areas. I just applied and blended the best I could, so it’s far from perfect.



  • NYX eyeshadow base in white
  • Sugarpill Midori all over lid and into crease
  • Sugarpill bulletproof in crease.
  • Sugarpill Junebug into crease and blended out below the eye
  • The gold/light bronze colour from the Covergirl exact eyelights eyebrightening shadow palette, for highlight (mostly in the crease).
  • NYX Curve eyeliner for the upper eyeline, and the scales around the outside of the eye (and take it down just under the eye).
  • NYX Slide On eye pencil in Jet Black for the waterline.
  • L’Oreal High Intense Pigments in Unashamed in the inner corner.
  • Designer Brands Beyond amplifying mascara in blackest black



  • NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat liquid foundation in Nude.
  • NYX Stay Matte but Not Flate powder foundation in Nude.
  • Thin Lizzy 6 in one professional powder in EM32 (i think that’s light?) for contour
  • Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Blush in Rose just on the highest part of the cheekbone.



  • NYX Thin lip pencil in Cabaret to line and fill in the lips.
  • OCC Metallic Lip Tar in Role Play.


Hope you like this weeks look.  We have just one more to go, and I’m hoping to make it special for you.


Also, I will be running a couple of special posts during the last week of October, as Halloween is my wedding anniversary so I want to do something nice to celebrate.

As always, comments are always appreciated, let me know what you liked or didn’t like about this look!


Masquerade Look Series – Part Four

Hey Beauty Babes! We have reached the final instalment in this current series! A few days late but oh well, we got there in the end.

For this look I kinda wanted to go all out, do something a little different that would look pretty awesome at a masquerade ball/party.  My inspiration for the look is Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland – so this could probably double as a Halloween look.



  1. Apply L’oreal base magique primer all over the face – this is super important to help maintain the integrity of the makeup.
  2.  Sketch out the love heart over the eye using Nyx jumbo pencil in milk.
  3. Apply Manic Panic creme foundation in white over the rest of your face.
  4. Set the foundation with Sugarpill Diamond eyes.



  1. Apply Nyx eyeshadow base in white over the area of the love heart (being careful to maintain the shape).
  2. Pat Sugarpill Love+ into the love heart.
  3.  CAREFULLY pat Sugarpill Asylum (watch for fallout) over Love+.
  4. Apply eyeliner to the upper lash line and water.
  5. Apply mascara.

On to the other eye!


  1. Apply Diamond Eyes over the eye area and up to the brow bone.
  2. Use Nyx jumbo pencil in Electric Blue to the waterline and lower lash line.
  3. Apply red eyelashes (hopefully better than I did!) and the eyes are done.



1. Use a very small amount of OCC Lip tar in stalker on the lips, and create a very defined cupids bow (please excuse the awful chapped lips).

2. Pat a small amount of Asylum in the centre of the lips for some shine.

Lastly, use a small amount of Love+ as a cheek contour and the look is done.


Hope you all enjoyed this particular series. It was pretty fun using my makeup in fun and interesting ways.

Please vote below for you favourite look, here are the links to part one, part two and part three.

Next week (or ya know, later this week), we start on the Halloween looks!

Review – Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette

Review – Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette

$39, Beserk Clothing

4 x 3.5gms pans.

Hey Beauty Babes! This has been around for like 3 weeks now and mine has FINALLY arrived! I had to order mine direct from Sugarpill, but Beserk is now selling it in their store.

You can get this as the full palette, or as always, you can buy the colours individually.

A luxury eyeshadow collection created in collaboration with Amelia Arsenic, designer of cult fashion and art brand A is for Arsenic London.

This dark collision of glamour and nocturnal worlds features four richly pigmented, shimmering meteoric shades which blend seamlessly together. The collection combines Amelia’s dark aesthetic with Sugarpill’s trademark velvety smooth eyeshadow formula.


The case is so awesome, with each colour represented in some way. The “shattered” design is pretty cool. It has a magnetic lid so it wont accidentally open in your purse or something.

On the back you will find each of the colours listed in their own little diamond.


Inside, you have a “shard” of mirror plus each of the colours in their pan. Overall its a nice slimline shape that will fit easily into your handbag, or not take up too much space with the rest of your makeup.


Now on to the colours!

Soot and Stars


Metallic gunmetal with prismatic sparkle.

This swatches almost matte, with a nice bit of sparkle. Nothing over the top. You can definitely build the sparkle by building up the colour.


Diamond Eyes


Satin white with a crystalline sheen

I think i like this better as a brow highlight than lumi! The shimmer in this is consistent, and you don’t need to worry about any “glitter” fallout. I love that they included this so that you can create a whole look from this one palette.


Elemental Chaos.


Deep grape shimmer with blue undertones

Love. Love Love! I think this is one of my favourites. I used this on my recent masquerade look and it worked a treat. It is almost metallic with a small amount of shimmery glittery goodness.



Lustrous peacock green with navy blue undertones


This deep metallic green is to die for. Even though we are going into spring and all the lighter colours are coming out, I can still see this as the perfect spring evening look.


Overall, I adore this palette. Up until this was launched I owned every Sugarpill pigment and presses colour they had! If i didn’t get this I’m pretty sure some sort of OCD would have kicked in.

Masquerade Look Series – Part One

Hey Beauty Babes.

A while ago for ideas on the Facebook series for a possible series of looks to do, and this was one of the suggestions. Every week in September I will be posting a different look, starting with todays “simpler” look, all the way up to an awesome full faced look.

The colours for todays look are inspired by my sweet new Batman top (don’t judge me).



1. Apply face primer.

2. Using your finger, apply Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bold Gold to the lid.

3. Using a stiff shader brush, pat Sugarpill Goldilux over the lid and into the crease.

4. Create a wing out past the eye using an angled brush and black gel eyeliner.

5. Blend the eyeliner into Goldilux and back again.

6. Draw an angled line out from the corner of your eye and then drag it into the inner eye, creating a curve. Fill this in.

7. Place Goldilux over the waterline and under the eye.

8. Cover the gel eyeliner with Sugarpill Stella.

9. Use Lumi on the brow bone.

10. Apply mascara.

11. Clean up any fallout, and use your favourite foundation.

12. Apply blush.

13. Draw on distinct eyebrows with gel eyeliner and an angled brush.

14. Use Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in Golden ticket on the lips.

15. Place Goldilux over Golden ticket.


And you’re done!

Here are some more pics of the look (because I was feeling rather sexy today).








So what do you think of this look? Any suggestions for next weeks look? Comment below